Maria Mina opens up about the unique friendship:

Maria Mina opens up about the unique friendship:

Maria Mina was a guest on the red carpet outside Latter in Oslo on Wednesday night. She was there to watch it A new show by Ole Paus and Jon Niklas Rønning is titled Divorce at Birth.

She said she was probably more nervous than her fellow artist.

John Niklas is my best friend, and I know all about what he’s going through in terms of nerves behind the scenes. I still think I’m as nervous as him. I don’t think I’ll get all the show. “Maybe I’ll take a look at it and hope it all goes well,” she says with a laugh. Good evening, Norway.

Guest: Mina was among those who secured a spot at the premiere of “Ole Paus & Jon Niklas Rønning – Signs at birth”. Before entering and enjoying the show, she interrupted the chat with the press. Photo: Sondry Borstad

Give each other keys

The day after the premiere, there were good reviews, Dagsavisen Rolling five on the dice, for example – so now Mina and Running will probably breathe a sigh of relief.

– We found each other a few years ago. He is the kindest man in the whole world. We are close friends and take care of each other.

Since good friends are also neighbors, they gave each other keys. Now they go in and out of the apartments as they please.

We lock ourselves up in each other’s apartments. I have his keys and he’s in my possession. If I don’t have wine, he has it. If he needs babysitting, I’m there. If you need help ventilating your dog, he will help. It’s so good to have one like this, it’s the best ever!

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Backyard concert

Their friendship has received a lot of attention in recent years.

They held backyard concerts together at the start of the pandemic, to spread joy to the rest of the housing association.

– He was playing the piano on his balcony, and I also sang, Mina remembers.

Speaking of a backyard party: Watch how it went when the Good night Norway presenters were throwing a backyard concert:

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