Maria Stavang and Magnus DeWoldt:

Maria Stavang and Magnus DeWoldt:

In October last year, social debater Sumaya Jirde Ali (26) reported Adley Andanson (53) for hate speech after an incident at Bar Boka in Oslo. The latter reportedly said that Ali was “too dark-skinned” to be there.

Now there is Television 2 Access was granted to investigations carried out in connection with the Oslo police’s investigation into allegations of racism against Antonsson.

There is a couple in love Maria Stavang (27), Magnus Devold (36) One of the witnesses listed in the case and examined.

According to TV 2, Stavang said in an interview that he was at another party that evening, where they went to the nightclub Elsker. Two hours after midnight, she contacted DeWold to find out where he was, and discovered that he was at Bar Boca with Antonson.

Police Complaint: On Tuesday, November 15, it was learned that social debater and writer Sumaya Jirde Ali (25) had reported to the police that comedian and TV profile Atle Antonsson (53) had used severe racism and physical force against her at a nightclub in Oslo.
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Devold allegedly wrote in a message that Andonsen was drunk and wanted to go home because the former was “starting to cross the line.”

At trial, Stavang explained that he had never seen Andensen so drunk before, and indicated that he sensed a tense atmosphere at the bar and that Ali felt upset. According to the description, Stavong must have entered the bar while the situation was in progress.

The case against Antonsson was initially dismissed by the Oslo public prosecutor’s office in November. After two months, it was abandoned by the Chancellor.

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