Mariana (24 years old) has been trapped for two years

Mariana (24 years old) has been trapped for two years

Shishlyuk was working as a local police investigator in Mariupol when the Russians rushed to besiege the city at the beginning of the invasion.

She and her sister took refuge in the Azovstal steel plant, and when a humanitarian corridor was opened for civilians, they tried to get out.

But when the Russians learned of the occupation of Shishlyuk, she was refused evacuation, and she was separated from her sister, the Ukrainian online newspaper wrote. the truth.

Error: This could be the beginning

He was put in a prison camp

Instead, Shishlyuk was placed in various concentration camps and prisons, such as in Olenivka in Donetsk and the Russian border city of Taganrog, according to Pravda.

It is said here that she was exposed to violence and food shortages.

-Mariana lost a lot of weight. Her mother, Natalia Chichilyuk, told the newspaper that her immune system weakened, her hair began to fall out, and her menstrual cycle disappeared.

Among other things, the 24-year-old is said to have contracted chronic bronchitis.

The mother also claims that the Russians tried to lure her daughter to the Russian side.

– But she refused.

This information has not been confirmed by other parties.

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The family received him

On Friday 31 May, Shyshlyuk was allowed to return to his homeland, having been among 75 Ukrainian prisoners released in a prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine.

– Now she is at home, writes the former advisor to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Anton Herashchenko, on X.

He shared a post in which you can see the moment Shishlyuk and other prisoners are welcomed by family and friends in Ukraine.

It is not publicly known how many prisoners Russia and Ukraine captured as a result of the war, as they did not give their numbers.

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However, a UN commission of inquiry in Ukraine concluded that Ukrainian soldiers were tortured for months in Russian captivity.

The violations were cruel, systematic and widespread, according to the commission, which based its findings on interviews with more than 800 people during 16 separate visits to Ukraine.

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