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(Stromsgodset-Gerf 6-0) Johann Hoff (21) hasn’t scored since May. At home against Gerf, Drought finished his goal off in style, in a match in which Stromsgodset finally outperformed the away team.


Johann Hoff has proven to be a goal-threatening midfielder in recent seasons. In 2020, there were ten goals at Eliteserien, while there were six in 2021. In May, Hof wreaked havoc at Eliteserien, in a month in which Strømsgodset had 14 out of a potential 18 points. Hof himself scored six goals and assisted two goals, but then Hof’s scoring stopped completely.

On Sunday, it finally went the other way for Hof, who scored Stromsgodset’s first goal in the big home win against Gerf. It was such a wonderful goal:

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Gerf goalkeeper Austin Overitveit – who up to that point had a great game – played a head-to-head match against Hof. From a distance of 40 metres, Hof placed the ball in a straight line before flicking. With Øvretveit ejected at 15 metres, the ball sailed over the goalkeeper and into the empty cage.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, so it was good to have it,” Hof told Discovery+ during the break.

1–0: Johann Hoff celebrates after the first score of the match.

When asked what he thought of when he had the opportunity, Hoff replied:

– I didn’t think much. The sun was low, so I didn’t see a damn thing. I don’t really know where the guard is, so I just shot. Fortunately, Huff said, it worked.

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At Discovery+’s Fotball Direkte studio, football expert Christian Joseth was clear that it was Øvretveit’s “big goalkeeping error”, and that the goalkeeper was directly responsible for the late goal. Colleague Jonas Groener was more interested in showing off Huff’s performance.

He hits her from a very low distance and hard. It sounds very simple, but try to do it there with a goalkeeper dashing backwards towards the goal line. I’ve tried it a million times, but I haven’t come close, Gruner said.

4-0: Tobias Feld Guliksen scored two goals in Sunday’s game.

Strømsgodset had a number of chances to score more goals in the first half, but he struggled efficiently. At the same time, Jerv was also close by on several occasions. In the second half, Godsett pulled at the back, at the same time significantly increasing his efficiency.

In less than five minutes, from match hour 57:35 to 62:14, there were no fewer than three scores. Ipalebo Jack scored the first goal after a corner kick, before Fred Friday struck together a few minutes later. And then it was Jack again who got the scoring pass when he played against Tobias Feild Guliksen for free before the 4-0 goal.

– It’s become Marienlyst’s stadium, Discovery commentator Petter Bø Tosterud said after the 4-0 scoreline.

“You just have to buckle up when Godust rushes forward that way,” he said.

Two goals: Fred Friday (closest to the camera) also scored twice.

Because it’s not over yet. A quarter of an hour before the end, Fjeld Gulliksen knocked out the ball on the left. The winger entered the field and shot from a distance of 20 metres. Øvretveit appears to be in control of the shot, but he miscalculated. And so Fjeld Gulliksen could celebrate his first two goals of the season, and just before the end Fred Friday set the final score at 6-0 after a nice long shot.

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Stromsgodset, who has lost his first two home games of the season, has had six wins and two draws in his last eight home games and is just two points behind Valringa in fifth. Gerf still has five points until Sarpsborg 08 and his away record is getting worse: one draw, eight losses and a goal difference of 23- (5-28).

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