Mark Cuban: – It’s the least important part of cryptocurrency

Mark Cuban: - It's the least important part of cryptocurrency

Billionaire Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner and cryptocurrency investor, took on the crypto bear on Twitter.

A user named Tony W wrote, “Companies only create value. Crypto is just changing a currency and hoping someone will pay more for that currency later.

Token trading is the least important part of cryptocurrency, says Cuban.

It also indicates what it considers to be the actual value in the cipher.

To be able to create companies on decentralized platforms and use smart contracts, creating more efficient operations and disrupting industries.

These are smart contracts

  • Smart contracts are digital agreements written in code and stored on the blockchain.
  • They are essential in the operation of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible applications and tokens (NFTs).
  • Ethereum’s opportunities in smart contracts have made the blockchain the most widely used.

The most important applications

Cuban stresses that this is also important for small savers and what they should look for when investing in cryptocurrency related values.

Always search for apps. This is where values ​​are created, Cuban tells CNBC.

This is also the reason why Cuban owns a portion of the ethereum cryptocurrency wallet.

The cryptocurrency market has been through some tough weeks and months. Since its peak in November, bitcoin has fallen by 37 percent. Today, Bitcoin is trading at $42755.

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