Mark Wahlberg escaped Hollywood

Mark Wahlberg escaped Hollywood

hollywood star Mark Wahlberg (51) He may recently reveal that he and his family have moved to Nevada.

News of the move became known when the TED star guest-starred on the talk show “the talk” last week. The family put the Los Angeles home up for sale in April of this year for $87 million.

On the talk show, the 51-year-old actor justified his decision to move by saying he wanted to prioritize his family and make sure his kids had a better life.

Wahlberg moved in with his wife, Rhea Wahlberg, and their four children Ella (19), Michael (16), Brendan (14) and Grace (12).

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case of opportunity

– We came here to make a fresh start. Wahlberg said on the talk show that there are many opportunities here and I’m really excited about the future.

today Among the media covering the issue.

The family has reportedly moved to a luxury neighborhood outside of Las Vegas. The actor went on to say that the new home opens the door for children to pursue their dream jobs.

They must be allowed to pursue their dreams. Whether it’s my daughter’s dream of becoming a horse rider, my son’s dream of becoming a basketball player, or my younger dream of becoming a golfer, he told talk show host Sheryl Underwood.

Patriotism: Wahlberg originally moved to California to pursue his acting career.  Photo: Mario Anzoni/Reuters/NTP

Patriotism: Wahlberg originally moved to California to pursue his acting career. Photo: Mario Anzoni/Reuters/NTP
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Many advantages of this step

The “Father Stowe” representative also shared that another reason the family moved was because of the governor’s election.

Wahlberg hopes that new legislation will be passed in Nevada so that the family can receive state tax benefits.

The actor has ambitions to build a state-of-the-art studio and factory for his Municipal sports brand in Nevada. Wahlberg is betting that the studio can help turn the country into what he refers to as “Hollywood 2.0.”

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Celebrities are running away from the big city

The TED star will start working from home in the new residence. He also admitted that balancing parenthood and his career is a challenge because he’s so far away:

I spend every free moment at home.

Walberg isn’t the first celebrity to escape Hollywood. today He writes that in May it became known that Katy Perry (37 years old) and her family moved to Kentucky.

Perry said the move made her understand people better and reminded her that Hollywood doesn’t know America.

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