Marlon Langland shows off her new boyfriend

Marlon Langland shows off her new boyfriend

On Tuesday, the stage was set for another red carpet, when it was ready for the premiere of the concert “CLUE: Maltesergåten” at the Colosseum Keno in Oslo.

She was a star-studded red carpet with both other actors and celebrities. He was among those who made the trip Marlon Langland (22). He did not arrive alone.

The star of “Shame” was with him. They got close together on the red carpet, and Langland was able to confirm the relationship:

– Yes we are lovers.

Confirmed: The actor confirms the relationship.  Photo: Andreas Vadom / Look and Hear
Confirmed: The actor confirms the relationship. Photo: Andreas Vadom / Look and Hear
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Much more was not to say. However, the name of the new 22-year-old flame is unknown.

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Langland became an overnight celebrity when he played Jonas on the NRK series “Shame”. Jonas was in a relationship with Eva, played by Lisa Teague, who was the main character in the first season. However, it was in all four seasons.

When Se og Hør met the actor during NRK’s ​​fall launch in the summer of 2019, he could tell that the success that followed the series had earned him an award, and that it was a pressure on him to be recognized as much as he has become.

– You never get peace. I can’t get out like I did before. When you come to a party, for example. I don’t want to shorten my life because we get to know each other. He said at the time that I try to meet people with a smile.

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happiness turned

During an interview with Nettavisen in 2019, Langland was able to say that despite the massive interest and star status, things have been poor on the women’s front.

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– No I have no girlfriend. I was out with two friends so we ended up in nachspiel once. My friend and I ended up with their daughters, while I sat there empty-handed, he said.

Now luck has clearly turned, and the 22-year-old looked very happy as he walked the red carpet side by side with his new girlfriend.

Correction: In an earlier version of this case, the friend was mentioned by name, but the name is now removed.

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