Marna Haugen, Urjan Pro | Ex-Partner in Domestic Trouble: Can’t Leave Home

Marna Haugen, Urjan Pro |  Ex-Partner in Domestic Trouble: Can’t Leave Home

In May last year, Marna Haugen (42) and Ørjan Burøe (48) put the family home they had been together in since 2017 up for sale.

The property sale comes a year after Haugen and Burøe split. Proye shared the news on Instagram.

“It is with a little bit of pride, happiness and sadness that we put the house up for sale. To those of you who get this – manage with love and care,” she wrote.

Estate agent Stig Reglev said at the time that Netavision was very interested.

– Twelve people have downloaded the prospectus so far and 8,700 people have seen the ad – that’s a good 24 hours.

However, Netavicen documents have been accessed to show that after eleven months the Sky house has still not been sold.

Nettavisen was in contact with Marna Haugen and estate agent Stig Reklev, who declined to comment further on the matter. Netavisen has tried to contact Ørjan Burøe.

– The market is closed

According to last year’s property advert, the detached house is located on Knausveien in Skye in Nordre Follo, and features “a modern annexe”, a garage, conservatory, pergola, jacuzzi and outdoor kitchen.

Olav Håvard Storås, estate agent and general manager of DNB Eiendom, says the reason the house didn’t sell could be that the ad was posted just before the market closed in the area.

– It was quiet all autumn last year, so they entered a difficult market, not selling at first sight. Price is always a contributing factor in not selling, so the ad may have been too high when it came out, he explains, adding:

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– Then you go to a bad market, which makes the process worse for them, he explains to Netavision.

Storrs points out that the municipality of Nordre Follo had a difficult period last year, especially in the second half of the year. It is also more likely to help influence sales.

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– The ski was harder than many surrounding areas. We’ve seen the effect of interest rates increase faster than some other areas.

A great market

Despite the poor market for the municipality, things look bright for the housing market now and in the future, says the estate agent.

– Now the market is very good. This year there has been an increase in prices in January, February and March. If Oslo goes well, it will go well after us, he adds:

– People are used to the idea of ​​a higher interest rate and are better at budgeting and adjusting expenses so that they can still upgrade their home if needed.

He bought new houses during the sale

The same year that Haugen and Brew put their house up for sale, the two invested in their homes.

to do Daily newspaper He told Pro that he invested in a new house in July, while Hagan bought a house in March last year.

Before Nettavisen, she said that her house was a big, old function house and that she was going to go straight. The 42-year-old also said he will be moving in in June.

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– It is clear that it is better to land in a new house and start a new chapter. I can’t wait to see how I deal with changing light bulbs and cleaning the drain, the influencer added:

– I will definitely call Urjan for help, he will smile and talk.

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