June 10, 2023


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“Married at First Sight”: – has become a solid food for many

Married at First Sight season is just around the corner, and this week it became clear that Maja Anna Berdyczewska, 35, and Ambassador Daniel Jobos, 32, were the only entrants who chose to continue the journey together as lovers.

Things got difficult very quickly

On the other hand, the remaining couples chose to go their separate ways, which probably didn’t come as a surprise to viewers who followed the series closely.

Needless to say, this year’s season provided many entertaining moments, but it also witnessed heated controversy.

The pair erupted into a loud argument during the final couple’s dinner of the season, in Married at First Sight.
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Not my personal type

Cecily Varela, 25, and Organ Hansen, 34, have made it clear they cut off contact after the engagement, and they have no immediate plans to resume it either.

– Today we have no relationship and there will never be a relationship. Cecily isn’t my type of person, and I’m definitely not her person, so it’s okay that we don’t have contact today, I guess, Hansen recently told Rød Løper.

- i am single

– i am single

Luck also broke for Jonathan Sorvonden (36) and Mila Timofeeva (26), although they were determined to give it a try after they finished scoring.

We agreed to try, but when I got home I quickly realized she wasn’t the right match for me. I sent Mila a message after three or four days, and told her I wanted to continue as friends, he told Sørfonden Se og Hør.

In the final episode, it is revealed that one of the reasons they matched each other was because they were both designers. Since they both have children from previous relationships, the matchmakers hoped that they would be united by the same family values.

- It just didn't work

– It just didn’t work

This will still not be enough.

Nor has the engagement been a success story for Kaja Elvebråthen (31) and Joakim Johansen-Asprusten (40), who have also chosen to go their separate ways, although the atmosphere between them should be friendly.

In the season finale of Married at First Sight, Kaja has a small confrontation with Joachim. Video: Discovery / Red Runner
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Understand that it creates feedback

after TVNorge shared a small video clip on Facebook From one of the season’s many couple dinners, many shocked viewers have taken to the comments section to voice their opinions.

Many react to the way participants talk to each other.

Claim the criminal past

Claim the criminal past

the video in question At the time of writing, over 1,500 comments, and Suzanne Edem, an expert sexologist and couples therapist, tells Se og Hør that she is aware that some of what has been shown on TV has triggered reactions.

– There are some participants who, unfortunately, end up agitating each other to the point of becoming power food for many TV viewers – and a strong reaction to that was to be expected on my part. I cannot defend everything that was said on screen and written in the comments section, as you say.

Understanding: Suzanne Edem is one of the experts this year.  She understands that there were moments that created reactions.  Photo: Lars Eyvind Bones/Dagbladet

Understanding: Suzanne Edem is one of the experts this year. She understands that there were moments that created reactions. Photo: Lars Eyvind Bones/Dagbladet
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– Some formulations could have been considered, but the truth is that such arguments happen in some relationships and we have to admit it. We are not used to seeing others argue, or seeing how we can be ourselves to our partner in weak moments. Many may also identify themselves more in passive aggressive arguments that can be just as harmful, Eidam continues.

Christian Brynhofvd is a reporter for the Se og Hør Reality Awards at the Reality Legends press meeting. Video: Jenny Emily S
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It also confirms that it was not involved in the conciliation process and therefore cannot comment on the considerations taken with regard to the participants’ preferred wishes.

Edem also points out that the couples in this season are very different with different challenges, and he believes that most people can identify themselves in at least one of the couples – for better or for worse.

- big shock

– big shock

– It naturally stirs emotions which is reflected in the comment fields on social media. But people should get better at evaluating themselves, rather than pointing fingers. Some argue often, others rarely. Not everything should be taught, but learned from.

Se og Hør has been in contact with others on the expert panel, but they have not yet responded to our inquiries. It is therefore indicated that Edam is only speaking on behalf of his role as a sexologist and couples therapist during this year’s season.

In the final meeting in Married at First Sight, Maja and Saphiri will tell if they want to continue investing or give up. It will be touching and tearful. Video: Discovery+
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fragility condition

Edem also says that one should not forget that the participants in the reality show were placed in an unnatural environment, and therefore she is well aware that some of them were rather conservative when meeting each other and the experts.

It’s very normal for them to be in a vulnerable position with someone they recently met on camera. Some of them may have been a little afraid of “revealing”, but that was far from my point.

Lenny Meister visited Motepolitiet Live with Jean Thomas and made a shocking announcement. Video: Jenny Emily Ace/Harvard Bjornrum/Dennis Abelung/Cug Hour.
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