Martha McSally – Former Senator assaulted while jogging

Martha McSally – Former Senator assaulted while jogging

New York (Dagbladet): A 25-year-old man was arrested early Friday on suspicion of assaulting the former Republican senator from Arizona.

The assault is said to have occurred on Wednesday morning near Omaha, Nebraska, where McSally was scheduled to speak, reports said. CNN.

β€œI was robbed while I was running along the Missouri River,” McSally said in a video on his page. InstagramAccount on Wednesday.

The 25-year-old was arrested in Council Bluffs, which is across the river from Omaha.

Accused of rape in a popular nightclub

– He insulted himself

– A man came from behind and embraced me in a bear hug. β€œHe assaulted me and groped me until I was able to fight him off,” McSally says in the video.

The former senator was also the first female US Air Force pilot to participate in combat after the Air Force lifted its ban on female pilots.

McSally previously stated that she was raped while serving in the Air Force. She says in the video clip this week that she chased the attacker, but he managed to escape.

Surveillance photos

The suspect was arrested after Council Bluffs police released surveillance footage showing a man approaching McSally on a pedestrian bridge. He is said to have been identified by staff at a nearby restaurant. The man is said to have used a credit card at the restaurant, which is how police identified him.

Gang rape of a tourist

Gang rape of a tourist

McSally was appointed to the Senate when former war hero and presidential candidate John McCain died in 2018.

– I know this strikes a chord with the sexual assault and abuse I experienced in the past – from which I have healed as much as I felt I could. But in this case, I got my strength back, McSally says in the video.

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McSally spoke out about rape in 2019 when she participated in a Senate hearing on sexual assault in the military.

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