Martin Lund, Turbat | Martin Lundy was slain after Turbat comment: – No wonder bullying is such a big problem

Martin Lund, Turbat |  Martin Lundy was slain after Turbat comment: - No wonder bullying is such a big problem

Martine Lunde sparks outrage in the comment fields. She herself is surprised who chose to slap her lip.

Nearly two weeks after ‘Torpet kjendis’, the spin-off series ‘Farmen kjendis’ airing on TV 2 Play, already close friendships emerged within the remote farm.

Mia Gundersen (60), Marna Hogan (40) and Martin Lundy (25), who had all been in previous seasons of “Farmen kjendis”, developed close and dynamic friendships that could make it difficult for other participants to compromise.

Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jakobsen (56), among others, noticed this when he was First participant of “The Farm Celebrity” Check-in at Turbat last week. According to Lunde, she didn’t want Jacobsen on the farm in danger of ruining the good “girl dynamics” the three ladies had inside the farm, which caused an uproar in the comment fields.

The effect of shaving on words

Excerpts from the episode TV 2 shared its pages on Facebook, in a short time sparked harsh criticism of the 25-year-old in the commentary field.

Not many can understand that Lunde could mean something like that, and some of the comments are directly provoked by the young influencer.

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“Hu derre Martine, will you get a cheap Hostfall from me,” among the read in the comments field.

Another wrote that the influencer is childish and has nothing to do with the farm.

“Get Martin out of the shelter. Unbearable girl…”, he writes in a third person, while using several descriptions and characteristics such as whore, Migi, and filth bitch to describe their opinion of Lunde’s comment on the show.

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Enough is enough

Thursday night, Martin Lundy seemed to have had enough. In a longer Instagram story, the 26-year-old addressed the hateful comments she has received in recent days.

– the fact that I’m called elope, Meg, unbearable, coward, disgusting, dirty girl, dumb and makeup doll because I’d rather the girls who were together the first week continue on Turbat, says a lot more Lund wrote about you who writes these comments than me, Among other things.

Lunde tells Nettavisen she’s not getting too close to ugly comments as usual, and that she hasn’t done so now either.

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But what shocked her is responsible for most of the unsightly reactions.

– I was shocked when I saw the comments. I thought it sad to see that old people who are supposed to be role models for kids can sit down and write a lot of ugly things about a little girl on the internet, she says over the phone to Nettavisen.

No wonder bullying is such a big problem

Lund says she thinks it’s scary to see that adults don’t understand how to act online.

No wonder bullying is such a problem when role models write such things to young children online, says Lund.

According to Lunde, the incident that led to such strong reactions was probably a misunderstanding on Jakobsen’s part, and she believes it didn’t mean anything personal to him.

– It has nothing to do with Minnie, no matter who came from “the farm”, I would have thought the same, I like Minnie very well, she says.

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He receives support from fellow Torpet

Mia Gundersen, a participant in “Torpet”, saw herself forced to participate in the comment field to inform others of how to act online.

“I am really shocked by what is written in the comments section here. It is pure bullying,” Gundersen wrote in a longer comment on the post.

Moreover, she adds that those who use such terms found in the comments field should be ashamed.

Lunde highly appreciates that Gundersen defended her in such a situation.

– I thought it was so nice that Mia would stand up for me in that comment field and show these older folks how to act online. I’m so glad she supports her as much as she supports her, says Lundy.

– I couldn’t help myself

Mia Gundersen told Nettavisen that she discovered the comment field when she was on Facebook to see what people thought about the show.

“I was going to see if people enjoyed the show, but when I saw what was written I couldn’t help myself,” Gundersen told Nettavisen.

Gundersen describes the behavior as incomprehensible.

– When I saw trash written about a human being part of a ten-minute program, I was shocked. She says that the ability of adults to use such terms and the knowledge that others can read them afterwards is completely incomprehensible to me.

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