Masked thieves caught outside house: – Incredibly disgusting

Masked thieves caught outside house: – Incredibly disgusting

Heisson: Here the thieves found the camera outside John Magne Johansson's garage. Photo: Private / Police

John Magne Johannessen's holiday is interrupted by a real Easter crime. Watching the film from home in Tromsø, four eyes were staring back.

On Saturday morning, he woke up to a message on his mobile that there was movement in front of the surveillance camera.

– In the picture, we see masked men trying to break into our garage. Either the thieves got scared or they found the camera. At least they were looking straight at the camera. We were scared and skeptical, Jan Magne Johannesen tells VG.

He lives in Tromsdalen in Tromsø, but on Easter he is on holiday in Lofoten.

KNUST: Thieves break into the cab of Jan Magne Johannessen's work car. Many items were stolen. Photo: Private

Many items were stolen

– I had to travel with family and friends to investigate what happened. Thieves have broken the windshield of my work car. There they found a handful of unmarked keys that they tried to use to get into the garage, Johannesen says.

He immediately called the police after hearing that the car's windshield had been broken.

– The police went out and investigated. I let them see the CCTV footage.

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Saturday morning Masked people were searchedIt was widely discussed in local newspapers in Tromsø And Northern lights.

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– It's hard to remember everything you have in the car, but I took a picture of my son in the car. Johannesen says he also secured a broken car lane.

He says a dashboard camera, two pairs of Oakley sunglasses, AirPods, a flashlight and a knife were removed from the vehicle. But he still lacks a complete perspective.

– Fortunately, they didn't get into the back of the car or the garage. In both places, I have high values ​​in tools, Johannesen says.

– Appeared on purpose

Tromsøværingen works with the sale of expensive tools.

– The thieves seemed intent and wanted to break into the garage, so that makes me think it was premeditated. At the same time, they stole the equipment to stick the tires on the car, which makes me think they might be ordinary profit-seeking criminals, Johannessen says.

– How was the Easter holiday ruined by this?

– To experience such a thing is incredibly disgusting. Spent all Saturday trying to figure out what happened.

– You are also angry and scared. I don't know if they were inside our house when I saw the picture. Johannesen says he thought about many of the elderly people living in the neighborhood and what they might have revealed.

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Police are asking for tips

After the articles appeared in the local papers, many people got in touch with information about the thieves.

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– There are many who think to recognize one of them both in appearance and posture. I gave the name to the police, Johannesen says

Police inform VG that they are investigating the case, but none of the thieves have been arrested yet.

– We have no new information. We've received a few tips that we've tested, but we welcome more tips from the public, says Morton Agensen, operations manager at Trams Police District on Sunday morning.

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