“Maskorama” Season Three: – The premiere date has been revealed

"Maskorama" Season Three: - The premiere date has been revealed

The third season of The success of NRK “Maskorama” He returned to the screen on Saturday 15 October, press officer Tony Bergmo confirms to Dagbladet.

– This year’s “Maskorama” is going to be a lot of fun! Our viewers can look forward to eight highly detailed costumes and a whole host of secret celebrities. Other than that, there will be a reunion with Silje and the committee — and some completely new acquaintances, says project manager Jan Egil Ådland at NRK.

In July, Dagbladet received confirmation that Selge Nordenes, 37, will enter the third round as the presenter of “Maskorama” this fall. The detective board consists of Marion Raven (38), Nikolai Ram (33) and Jean Thomas (55) He will also appear next season.

the noise: There was an uproar when Marcus and Martinus won the Swedish version of “Maskorama”. Video: red card.
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It’s a new touch

Production could also reveal that they have a surprise in store.

– It’s the same great, customized detective board as in the previous two seasons, but I can also reveal that there will be a slight twist here. I can’t say more than that, because at “Maskorama” we keep our secrets tight, Bergmo said at the time.

This year is also the year Swedish-Norwegian designer Kjell Nordstrom (59)formerly known as Baron von Bulldog, who is behind gorgeous celebrity masks and costumes.

– Kjell Nordström is the one who designs the great costumes this season of “Maskorama” as well, and this year he will likely try to outdo himself, Bergmo told Dagbladet in July.

Clever: Dedrick Soleil Tangin Masurama defeated. Here he reveals how he deceived many during the program. Video: Morken / Helseth.
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detective favorites

The new ‘Maskorama’ season means new outfits – and new celebrities hiding inside. But who are the fans of “Maskorama” themselves hoping to see in full force on stage next season?

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– Detective Nikolai Ram told Dagbladet earlier this summer: – He could have had fun with Åse Kleveland, Dagfinn Lyngbø or Kjetil Rekdal.

Jean Thomas also carried a button on artist legend and former Culture Secretary Ossie Cleveland.

– Alexander Rybak was a magician, and Carola, of course, was a dream. Plus, he would have gone great with Hanne Krogh, Elisabeth Andreassen, or se Kleveland. The celebrity hairstylist told Dagbladet that Wenche Myhre was also completely raw.

On the smaller side, maybe Astrid S or Karina Dahl, he added.

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