June 5, 2023


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Massive drama when City fell in extra time – Benzema penalty sent Real Madrid to the final – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

After a crazy transformation, Real Madrid is ready for the Champions League final against Liverpool. But there was no easy way for the Spaniards.

It almost boiled over at the Santiago Bernabeu when they were semi-finalists in extra time. After 73 minutes, some quick and successful challenges followed by a shot straight from outside the penalty area by Riyad Mahrez could have led to another Real Madrid goal.

The 21-year-old has turned the game around

Because the transformation process began with a young boy. 21-year-old Rodrygo shrank after 90 minutes and brought hope to Real Madrid.

The fans did not have time to catch their breath before Brazilian Rodrigo consolidated the champion status for the home team’s fans once again. Soon, the Brazilian scored another goal, thus it was a full match again – and paved the way for extra runs.

Score for: Real Madrid’s Rodrygo included extra games.

Photo: Bernat Armangue / AP

Despite the short rest and tired legs, the fight did not immediately subside. After just five minutes of extra innings, Dias Benzema hits inside the penalty area and a penalty kick is taken.

He takes Benzema on his own. Even if he didn’t go to one Variable panenka as he did in the previous meeting, was safe from eleven yards. Benzema has sent Real Madrid 43 goals this season to the Champions League final against Liverpool.

Watch Benzema’s penalty kick and the rest of the goals here:

Salah gets the wish

The semi-final match was an exciting battle, and many experts praised what they saw at the Santiago Bernabeu.

– It’s not possible to put words into this, said TV 2 expert Jesper Mathisen after the match.

This must be the worst thing we’ve seen.

Former footballer and BBC expert Gary Lineker describes the settlement – the previous game and the second leg on Wednesday – as one of the most unusual and exciting matches in history:

Gary Lineker
Image: screenshot from Twitter. 05/05/21, at 00.03.

Ex-England goalkeeper, Jonathan Woodgate, was also influenced by a far above average degree.

For a football match. He said on BBC Radio it’s probably the best I’ve ever seen.

The result of the wild match also means that Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah gets his final dream in the Champions League. After Liverpool beat Villarreal and preparing for the final, Salah expressed his desire to face Real Madrid.

To be honest, I want to play against Real Madrid. City are a tough team, and we’ve met them several times this season, but personally I prefer Real Madrid, Salah told BT Sport.

Who will win the final?

early fight

There was a high temperature on the pitch already in the first half between Real Madrid and Manchester City. Ten minutes before playing it, Luka Modric ended up in a snatch with Aymeric Laporte. City’s players gathered around the referee after they were awarded a free kick, and Modric finally tried to participate in the discussion.

Real Madrid - Manchester City, UEFA Champions League 2022.

Noise: It was boiling between the players early in the game.

Photo: Pierre-Philippe Marco/AFP

It all ended with the push of the Croatian Laporte, who then responded by defeating the Croatian. Laporte fell on the grass, but the referee showed a yellow card.

However, one of the people who did not incur any yellow was Casemiro, who according to many should have had two leaves of this color.

– Casemiro could have had three whistles. Morten Langley Books Didn’t Get Zero Twitter.

The ruling was not more stringent after the break.

“I don’t understand why the referee didn’t deal more yellow cards in this match,” Matissen said right after the break.

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