Masurama: – New identity revealed

Masurama: - New identity revealed

And on Saturday evening, the stage was set for the fourth program of the “Maskurama” guessing competition.

At the end of each program, one participant resigns – and thus viewers learn about the celebrities who were hiding behind the mask.

So far, three masks have been thrown away — and behind the masks we’ve found are sportsman Birgit Skarsten (33), children’s TV personality Fantorangen and presenter Ingrid Jessing Linhav (45).

“Maskurama”: Peter Northug confronted us with ‘Maskorama’ rumors while opening his shop in Majorstuen. Video: Nora Scavog.
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On the evening show, Dandy was finally the one with the fewest votes and thus had to show who he was.

Behind the mask was Maud Angelica Behn (19).

The 19-year-old is the daughter of Princess Märtha Louise (51) and the late Ari Behn.

– A little scary

– I think he was quite sick that I asked! I wanted to challenge myself. I really like to sing, even if it’s a little scary to do it in front of people, Behn tells Se og Hør.

Masurama: Jean Thomas was right when he guessed who was inside dandy
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She says it stems from people guessing correctly.

I am annoying at lying, but I tried to hide it. Some of my friends realized it was me.

– What is your excuse?

– I’ve had a lot of rehearsals, so that’s what I said. Or to be with friends or to have an exhibition.

The 19-year-old also reveals that only Martha Louise in the family knows the secret.

Only my mother knew, and no one else. It’s been hard since we were together, but I think they realized I was. Fortunately, she says with a smile, I managed to keep it a secret.

guess right

Jean Thomas was visibly impressed when it turned out that Behn was under the mask, as he guessed.

Several allusions were made to her father, Ari Behn, Who passed away on Christmas 2019.

Masurama: Yan Thomas was very confident when he correctly guessed who I had found inside Masakurama’s Dandy costume. Video: Caroline Henriette Bjensoy
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– It took all the professionalism that I had to undo. It was a big moment for me. Hints, memories and homage to Ari. It was too big for me, Jan Thomas told Se og Hør.

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