Masurama, NRK | NRK with disappointing message before ‘Maskorama’ final

Masurama, NRK |  NRK with disappointing message before ‘Maskorama’ final

With a heavy heart we have to call 400 people who probably looked forward to the Maskorama Final just as much as we do.

Next Saturday, the stage is set for the end of the popular show “Maskorama” on NRK. The show has become one of the biggest attractions for viewers on Norwegian TV since 2020, and since then there has been huge interest in being an audience. Last year, Oslo was closed for several months, but since the previous government opened at the end of September, there has been a crowded auditorium during all of this season’s programming.

But recently, the government came and wiped out the party for many by implementing strict measures against Corona, It will be of great importance to broadcast on Saturday.

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– Power actions have consequences for the final in Maskurama. The new restrictions on a maximum of 600 people in the audience, divided into three groups, unfortunately mean that we have to reduce the number of spectators by about 400 people. We give priority to the audience according to when they buy tickets, so that those who bought will keep their place first. Those who do not get a place will be compensated for the cost of the ticket, NRK’s ​​project editor, Jan Eagle Adland, wrote in an email to Nettavisen.

He adds:

With a heavy heart we have to call 400 people who probably looked forward to the Maskorama Final just as much as we do.

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Must be confirmed in advance

NRK also states that it won’t just be a “show up” for those who don’t get the stubborn message from public radio to stay home.

– Those who reserve their place in the studio are asked to confirm via email if they have already attended. Those who are told they have no room in the hall will have the opportunity to put themselves on a waiting list should any of those who have a place to stay at home are chosen. If they end up without a studio place in the final, they will have the opportunity to buy tickets before anyone else for a possible upcoming season.

“Of course we think it too sad to say ‘no’ to so many, but we have no other choice, Odland writes.

‘Nøkken’ had to come out

In the previous broadcast, “Nøkken” had to leave the competition, just before the final. The person who hid in the costume was none other than the artist Margaret Berger.

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– I had so much fun, especially so much fun that people were confused. It cost me a little bit of gossip and a little bit of lying, she said.

In other words, Bamsen, Riders and Snowmonstreet qualify for next week’s finals.

Although there is no final for the Trondelag artist, she was not disappointed:

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