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Matt Geir Borresen - VG

Matt Geir Borresen – VG

The famous actor, singer and painter was 79 years old. – I will remember him with pleasure, says Vibek Satheer.


Status has been updated.

Geir Bursen fell asleep at Berom Hospital on Monday night. The family’s spokesperson, attorney Troels Haldorsen, confirmed this to VG.

NRK Mention it first.

Haldorsen told VG that the 79-year-old actor has been surrounded by his family until the end. He died after a short illness.

Borsen is survived by his wife Winch, two children, and grandchildren.

Borisson said it was in May look and hear He had bowel cancer. He received the diagnosis in September 2021.

He was born in Oslo, but lived most of his life in Asker.

What are your best memories with Geir Børresen? Send a final greeting here.

Gone: Gere-Bursen has meant a lot to several generations of children.

– Gere spread a lot of joy around him

Børresen is a well-known character from children’s television. He is well remembered by many for his role in the TV series “Tre-fire-fem”, where he dressed as the dog Lapitus.

Here he played with Vibeke Sæther.

– This is very sad news, she says over the phone to VG.

Sather Borisson describes him as a creative person and a very good friend:

– I will remember him with joy, because he gave me so much joy in life. He was the friend who came when I needed help. Gere was there when you needed someone to talk to, she says.

LABBETUSS stars: Vibeke Sæther, Geir Børresen and Labbetuss from the children’s TV series “Lekestue”. Borsen often wore a dog costume.

How would you describe working with him?

– It was an experience. We worked very well together as an actor and trained artist who knew how to work against someone else. You gave me opportunities. Sæther says: Geir spread so much joy about it.

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He was a thoughtful person who cared about the world around him. good friend. Now I think mostly of his wife Wenche, who has been very supportive of him throughout his life. Gere always says she speaks very sweetly.

– Has shaped children’s TV for decades

Børresen also played Max Mekker in the 1990s series “Sesame Station”.

Prior to that, he was a presenter in the children’s TV series “Lekestue” in the 1970s. It was his first appearance as a presenter. He also played in the series “Friends and Enemies”.

He has also played in several feature films, including his debut “Liv” from 1967 and “Marikin’s Wedding” from 1972.

From 2015 to 2016, he played shipowner Thomas Winther in The Caesar Hotel.

If a single sentence is written in an encyclopedia summarizing my life, it must be: “Betus entered in his youth and left Max Maker an old man.” Geir Børresen said with a smile to VG in 2019.

See more photos from Børresen’s long life in the entertainment industry:

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Highlights: Geir Børresen has played Max Mekker for a number of years. To his left is Vibek Sather, with whom he played at Lixeaux. On the right is Åsmund Huser, who played the baker Napoleon in “Uhu” and Vidar Lønn-Arnesen.

Broadcasting director Vibeki Fürst Haugen had the pleasure of working with Bursen as an assistant on the production of “Sesame Station” in the 1990s, NRK . writes.

Geir Børresen has meant a lot to several generations of children in Norway. It has featured children’s television for several decades. Our thoughts now go to the non-Borsen family, she tells the channel.

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A good friend and role model

Geir Børresen was a passionate diver who, among other things, co-starred in a television documentary about diving with sharks in Frank Polynesia with comedian and musician Alex Rosén.

Rosen on Tuesday morning recalled a very special moment with his late bandmate on Twitter:

– When Max Meeker pulled his laughter into the Gardermoen queue. All children freeze. They heard it but did not see it. adventurous moment. Max without costume, tweets.

– Geir Burrissen, good friend and role model. Rosen Books Rest In Peace.

Tommy T also has chirp About Børresen.

Geir Børresen writes RIP, followed by a heart-shaped emoji.

She worked for 20 years in the National Theatre

In addition to his roles on television, Børresen has worked in the National Theater for 20 years. Here he first appeared in “Den stundesløse” in 1968.

As a freelancer, he has also played in many other theaters, such as Centralteatret and Oslo Nye Teater.

Prior to that, he spent four years in theater school.

He also released three albums of Smurf songs, all of which were huge hits.

If a single sentence is written in an encyclopedia summarizing my life, it must be: “Betus entered in his youth and left Max Maker an old man.” Geir Børresen said with a smile to VG in 2019.

painted underwater

In addition to being a skilled diver, Børresen was very fond of painting motifs from the sea. He also made a name for himself by painting underwater portraits.

Børresen was educated at what was then called the School of Arts and Crafts, and after a long career as an entertainer, Børresen took up the brush again.

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In 2020, Borissen told VG About how reclaiming the joy of drawing – and going on the ice – gave him a happy transition from working life to retirement.

Artist: “I will paint in retirement,” Geir Portersen decided. Here he is in his studio in Volyn in 2020.