Mattmore is terrified – put the New Year’s celebration in a soundproofed hotel

Mattmore is terrified – put the New Year’s celebration in a soundproofed hotel
FINSTASEN ON: Ida Goksøyr (33) dressed Balto (2) in a red bow for the occasion.

GARDERMOEN (VG) On New Year’s Eve, more than 100 dogs checked into the Comfort Hotel Runway at Oslo Airport for a quiet and festive celebration.


– Now he’s enjoying himself!

Siu Lin, 49, smiles broadly as she points to Dalmatian Obelix (9).

The duo chose to spend the last day of the year at a New Year’s Eve party designed just for dogs — and they’re both happy with the decision.

– After two tiring New Year’s Eve nights, I’ve had enough. He is panting and not resting. Besides, the mother is also afraid!

– This is our first time here, but not the last, says Lynn.

This is the eighth year that the event has been held. New Year’s Eve can be a stress for dogs, as there are many who don’t enjoy rockets and explosions, and the goal is to offer a dog-friendly alternative.

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Best friends: – Finally, it’s on dog terms, and that makes me happy, says Siw Lynne (49), cuddling the dog Obelix (9).

had to say no

“Dog professional” Anne Marit Stakkestad (35) is in charge of the evening of the party and guests are offered a varied and extensive program.

Owners and dogs, among other things, have access to several rooms, such as Party Play where dogs can play and Party Tricks where a dog trainer teaches useful and cool tricks.

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– It’s the first time he’s been so full here. We had to say no to many, which was very embarrassing.

She herself spent many New Year’s Eve alone in the bathtub with shower and music to quiet the violent barking of dog Beauty (12), who now also appears as dog Solo in the Netflix Norwegian song “Troll.”

“We’re doing our best to arrange for them to have a good time here and I feel like we’re contributing an important show,” she tells VG.

“NEW CELEBRITY DOG”: The Dog Beauty (12) plays the dog Solo in the new Norwegian movie Troll. The movie reached the top of the charts on Netflix all over the world. Here she is with governess Anne-Marit Stackstad (35).

– The top of the wreath cake

Of course, it’s not just the activities on the evening’s menu. Four-legged and two-legged guests can enjoy dinner together at tables covered with dolls – a New Year’s buffet for people and sweets wrapped in cellophane for the 60 dogs in attendance.

Ida Goksøyr (33) is sitting happily with Balto (2) on her lap.

– This is in the middle of nowhere! The top of the wreath cake! Balto even got to have roast beef and chicken in the Party Trick Room!

All around us, tails of all sizes and colors are bobbing and happy dog ​​owners mingle.

However, it’s almost amazing how calm they can be with so many four-legged friends together. They obviously thrive in quieter surroundings.

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In addition to the 60 event participants, more than 50 people have booked hotel rooms with the option to bring a dog.

The price for a single room on New Year’s Eve is NOK 1,770, while a double room costs NOK 2,770.

– Finally, what will be your New Year’s resolution?

Balto will be practicing several tricks, so now we have an early start. And then I guess I’ll have to try to train more too, Goksøyr laughs warily.

Fun evening: Inside the Party Play room, dogs can say hello and leave for a bit, while the trainer is inside the room. “Having two Dalmatians here is almost unbelievable, a breed so rare in Norway,” says Stine Bertin Ingebritsvold, who works at the evening’s event.

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