MAXHUB's XCore Kit Pro for Microsoft Teams Rooms received a Red Dot Award.

MAXHUB's XCore Kit Pro for Microsoft Teams Rooms received a Red Dot Award.

We offer newly approved packages that expand solutions for small and medium sized rooms.

Las vigas, June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MAXHUB, a global leader in integrated communications and display solutions, is pleased to announce that X-Core Kit Pro, along with two UC devices for Teams Rooms, were honored with the prestigious Red Dot Award. This recognition underscores MAXHUB's commitment to innovation and quality in creating products that improve communication, presentation and collaboration.

The launch of the MAXHUB XCore Kit Pro, along with the newly approved XT10-WS kit, significantly expands the MAXHUB team room portfolio. This improvement now provides exceptional solutions designed specifically for small and medium-sized rooms.

MAXHUB XCore Kit Pro for meeting rooms of all sizes

MAXHUB XCore Kit Pro It is a Microsoft Teams room video conferencing solution designed for meeting rooms of all sizes. This Teams room set features an 11.6-inch touchscreen controller and a compute unit powered by a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor. As a premium version of the MAXHUB XCore range, it offers built-in wireless and wired content sharing 4K-Sharing, provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use video conferencing experience. MAXHUB XCore Kit Pro is currently undergoing a series of rigorous compliance and certification processes from Microsoft, with plans to be certified in Q3.

HUBB XT10 MAX-WS kit for small rooms and focus rooms

Built on the XCore Kit, it includes the new certification Max Hub XT10-WS Kit UC BM35 super speaker and UC W31 USB camera. Designed to meet users' diverse audio and video requirements, this suite provides a versatile and seamless collaboration experience suitable for any small or central room.

MAXHUB hub for easy remote control of devices

To simplify implementation and management for IT professionals, each device in the MAXHUB XT series of Teams Rooms can be accessed via Pivotal MAXHUB device management tool. It allows easy remote monitoring, control and updating of all room units, simplifying operations to improve efficiency.

3-year warranty and local support for smooth operation

The MAXHUB product range, including the XT Series of Teams Rooms, comes with a 3-year Advanced Exchange Warranty and local support. This ensures a seamless user experience and uninterrupted workflow while meeting cost balancing needs.

MAXHUB's expansion of our cost-effective Teams Room solution provides customers with a wide range of diverse options tailored to fit their unique meeting room requirements. Additionally, MAXHUB offers a variety of display options, with ratios spanning from 21:9 to 16:9 and available in multiple sizes, providing a stylish, compact solution for converting BYOD rooms into fully-equipped team rooms.

“Winning the 2024 Red Dot Award for our XCore Kit Pro underscores MAXHUB’s continued dedication to innovation and quality,” he said. Darren Lynn, Deputy Director and Head of MAXHUB Global Business. “Our purpose is to inspire and enhance meaningful communications. Our exclusive position as a provider of a complete line of self-developed unified communications and interactive display solutions is what sets us apart. With twenty years of research and development, combined with efficient management of our supply chain, MAXHUB XT provides chain customers with choices that dramatically reduce There are many barriers to accessing the Microsoft Teams Room experience.

Discover the latest MAXHUB XT series designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms, presented at InfoComm US (June 12-14, 2024) Las vigas Convention Centre) and London Tech Week (10-12 June 2024, Olympia, London).

Looking forward to 2024, the MAXHUB roadmap promises a broader range of product formats to meet different business needs. To learn more about MAXHUB products for Microsoft Teams rooms, please visit

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