May Mac Caplin: – After the break:

May Mac Caplin: - After the break:

Then the second season of Love Island, Norway She began to appear on the screens in January of last year, and both participants and viewers had high hopes.

Among the couples who found love in the villa, and ultimately chose to continue the relationship abroad, were May Mac Caplin (23) and Ali Ismail (30).

However, in early September, it became known that the couple chose to go their separate ways, after a year and a half together.

Among what May wrote on Instagram was, “Ali and I have chosen to separate and separate us as friends for nothing but love for each other.”

break: The reality files go their separate ways and Mie Cappelen opens in a tough time. Video: Mie Mack Cappelen on Youtube / Red Carpet. Reporter/Clip: Selena Morkin.
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– It still hurts

See and Hear interviewed Mie Cappelen regarding the launch of Kylie Cosmetics in Norway this week. Then she said it was still tough.

– It’s going up and down. It’s a break, and it takes a long time. It’s now been two months since it ended, but it still hurts — we’ve been together for a year and a half, she says, and adds:

– We had a very deep relationship, and I am experiencing the grief of my first love. It is tough.

The former reality contestant further explains that she is currently trying to do things for herself, and that she is trying to have a positive attitude towards most things.

– I see the light at the end of the tunnel – it sounds dramatic – but it will go away and go well, you smile.

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Love Island May Caplin and Ali Ismail found love on Love Island this winter. Since then, numerous rumors have spread about the couple’s separation. Reporter: Ken Falch. Video: Thea Hope / The Red Carpet
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Love on TV again?

When the former couple announced that they had chosen to go their separate ways, the two confirmed that they separated the teams as friends. Mai is referring to this to See and Hear now too, two months after their breakup.

– We have some contacts from time to time, it is important for us to have a good tone. That we have this respect for each other. We’ve been through a lot together, so it’s important for us to keep it up.

The 23-year-old says it’s easy to become friends when they’re so visible on social media – where it can quickly happen that someone wants to ruin the relationship.

– Can you find love on TV again?

engaged / engaged: Andrea Sveinsdottir and Morten Dalhaug won Love Island in 2018. And now they are engaged. Video: red carpet / special.
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– I might not think I should force myself, no. Not on purpose at least, not as it is now, she laughs and concludes.

– I think it’s a good time until I try to find love again.

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