Maybe a quarter

Maybe a quarter

The first thing Elon Musk did as the new head of Twitter was to fire three of the company’s top executives. They were driven out of the building, while the man who had bought the company himself inserted a sink in the front door.

Currently The Washington Post reports That a quarter of the company’s 7,000 employees will receive the same message as the three top managers. Musk and his closest advisers support widespread layoffs.

The redundancies will affect all departments of the company, but in the sales, development, production, legal, credibility and security departments, most will lose their jobs. The Washington Post writes that employees in development and sales are the highest paid Twitter employees.

The newspaper also wrote that about 2,000 packages are likely only the first wave – more are expected to be released later.

Musk also got rid of the company’s board of directors, according to a Bloomberg report. He is with him at the moment as the only Twitter board member, according to documents sent to US authorities.

He is allegedly trying to avoid paying the bounty

According to the Washington Post, layoffs are expected to begin as early as Monday. This is despite the fact that Musk tweeted on Sunday at the latest that the allegations about the upcoming layoff are “false.”

Musk’s new workplace: – After the acquisition on Twitter, Musk wrote that the bird is free, referring to the company’s logo. Here from Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. Photo: AFP / Constanza Hevea

Already over the weekend, the New York Times received information that many employees of the company will be laid off before November 1. According to the newspaper, this is to avoid having to pay a bonus in the form of an allotment of shares – something that employees of the company are allegedly entitled to after this date.

Musk friends are hired

In addition to washing dishes, Musk appears to be bringing in a number of people from his inner circle as new leaders in the company:

  • Famous lawyer Alex Spiro defended a famous American football player for premeditated murder (I am convicted), was investigating the disappearance of Don Luis (known from the Netflix series “Tiger King”)), and a number of times like rapper Jay-Z in different ways. He’s also helped Elon Musk multiple times with legal cases – and now he’s the man leading the separation plans.
  • Jason Calacanis hosts a podcast about startups, and has invested in a number of them. “He is a rich man who acts like a parody of a rich man.” The New York Times wrote about it in 2017.. He advised Musk to acquire Twitter, and he is said to have spent the past few days discussing security on the platform.
  • Conservative businessman David Sachs worked with Elon Musk Since Paypal was in the inception stage. He invested early on in companies like Facebook, AirBnB, and Uber.
  • Bitcoin expert Sriram Krishnan has made a fortune in cryptocurrency, among other things, and is married to another prominent tech investor. He and his wife hosted a Youtube talk showWith guests like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. He is also a fan of freestyle wrestling. Enters a temporary position in Twitter, he is writing.
  • Musk himself will remain the company’s director – but it seems that in social media at the moment he prefers the moniker “Chief Twit”, meaning “chief of Twitter”.

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