McDonald’s: – Discover the horror of McDonald’s food

McDonald’s: – Discover the horror of McDonald’s food

Shelby Forrester, 25, from Shropshire, UK, consumed a large portion of a McDonald’s roll and was about to finish the meal.

When I took a real bite of the roll, I expected the taste of some chicken, salad, and maybe some sauce. Instead, she dug her teeth into the snail.

This is what the news agency Kennedy News and Media wrote.


The 25-year-old and her boyfriend, Jake Adams, 29, ordered a McDonald’s meal through an app, and the two were supposed to give a small treat after putting their two children to bed for the evening.

– We were going to have a nice evening and order from McDonald’s so I didn’t have to cook dinner. I ordered chicken rolls today. She told the news agency that I had eaten it before.

They ordered two chicken rolls and two cheeseburgers for a total of NOK 180, and traveled to McDonald’s to collect the food.

Jake had already eaten its wrapper, and Shelby had only three bites left, when she felt a crushing sensation between her teeth.

The 25-year-old immediately spit out the food for further investigation.

– I was shocked in my mouth. I expected it to be a piece of chicken, but when I spit it out I was speechless. I sat there in silence for ten minutes.

– It was completely moldy

When Jake asked her what was wrong, she asked her boyfriend to look at the cover to confirm if what she saw was true:

– I was so terrified. He said: It’s a snail! I said: I know! I didn’t know what to do: Should I run to the sink and vomit, or get angry, she says, detailing:

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– It was in my mouth. I broke it. It was totally musty. I spit it out right away. I feel sick and offended.

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Shelby says she was afraid snails might make her sick, because she had heard that snails can be carriers of disease.

– We also bought two cheeseburgers, but I can promise you we didn’t eat them. She said they went straight to the trash.

He wants compensation

The 25-year-old claims she brought the snails back to the McDonald’s restaurant that was serving the food. It is said that the staff there had no answer as to how the snails got to the food.

She says the restaurant promised to refer the complaint to head office, and that it offered the couple a refund — and a free meal.

Shelby refused.

– I said I would never eat at McDonald’s again and that I wanted them to take my complaint further. She says: I want compensation for having a snail in my mouth.

The next day, Shelby says she got a call from the main office of McDonald’s.

– They were so upset, they said they would test the snail in the lab, you say.

– This was the straw that broke the back

Now Shelby, who says she used to visit the restaurant twice a month, has decided never to eat at McDonald’s again.

– You’re a fan of McDonald’s. They don’t have gourmet meals, but they are quick and easy, and the burgers are very good. But this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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However, she is glad that it is herself, and not her boyfriend Jake, who got the snail trapped in its shell. She thinks Jake kept biting the snail, thinking it was chicken cartilage.

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He’s the kind who will keep chewing, even if he feels a crunch. It was a good thing I got it, because he ended up swallowing it.

– We’re sorry

A McDonald’s spokesperson told Kennedy News that food quality is very important to the fast food chain.

We attach great importance to quality control and follow strict standards to avoid any defects. When the customer brought this to our attention via our restaurant team, we immediately apologized and refunded her all the money, says the person.

Furthermore, the spokesperson says that the McDonald’s customer service team is in contact with Shelby to apologize and find a solution to the matter.

On Shelby’s side, the case ended:

I will never eat at McDonald’s again!

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