McDonald’s employee reveals: – – rude

McDonald’s employee reveals: – – rude

A TikTok video shared by someone claiming to be working at McDonald’s has just been released.

TikTok user Deandre Byars (@dresav92) has split clipSince Wednesday, it has gained more than 1.2 million views.

The video claims to show what happens in the kitchen if you order “fresh French fries” at a fast food restaurant:

Instead of throwing new French fries into the fryer, the employee instead picks out the old, fried French fries and throws them back into the fryer so that they appear as freshly fried.

– Stop being rude, Byars writes on TikTok.

– saturated with fat

On the bench you can see the famous red boxes of McDonald’s French fries, and the French fries themselves are very similar to those served in McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald's: TikTok user, who claims to work at McDonald's, claims he reheats french fries for those customers who order them

McDonald’s: A TikTok user, who claims to work at McDonald’s, claims that he reheats french fries for those customers who ask for them to be “fresh.” Photo: TikTok / @dresav92
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Feedback was not long in coming. Nearly 3,000 people commented on the video.

In the comments section, many wrote that they worked at McDonald’s and did the same thing as Piers, while others wrote that this was against the rules at the family restaurant.

– How do you feel about being rudely asked about fresh french fries? I swear people like to do as little as possible, as someone points out.

Demand and demand are two different things, Deandre Byars answers.

– lol, it goes well as long as it’s warm, another writes.

“The reason we’re taught not to do this is because it saturates the french fries with fat,” one points out.

“Secret” tricks

TikTok user comes with ingenious tips for those who want brand new French fries for their food. Several points point to the same thing:

Always ask for french fries without salt. You write, since it is always fresh, and you can add a little salt and pepper yourself.

The idea behind the trick is that when McDonald’s employees fry a new batch of french fries, they will always salt it afterwards.

However, that’s not true, according to Veronica Skajstad’s director of communications at McDonald’s, Norway.

refuses the claim

Skagestad rejects both the “reheat method” that Byars demonstrated in the video — and that ordering no-salt fries has something to say.

– This is not how we prepare our food. We pride ourselves on serving good quality food from high quality ingredients from Norwegian farmers, and have strict guidelines on how the food is made, as I wrote in an email to Dagbladet.


– All food is made to order, we don’t introduce ourselves in the video. Nor in the “Tips” of the comments field.

in a Latest video Deandre Byars shares an entirely different tasting trick – according to him – to elevate the french fries experience to new heights.

—Don’t turn it down until you try, he writes — and recommends using a bag of seasoning from a package of chili-flavored pasta on french fries.

went viral

Byars (@dresav92) is not particularly active on TikTok, and has only posted four videos in total. There is only one about McDonald’s fries that has gone viral.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s employees have shared their “secrets” on TikTok. Earlier in October Employee can detect One should be careful about what he says on the lead.

I wrote in the video.

She also says that everyone who orders is being photographed.

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