MDG threatens Norwegian food security

MDG threatens Norwegian food security

Our agriculture and food policies are inseparable from the origins of our country.

Ard Hermstad vegetarian burgers from MdG should be VAT exempt so that Norwegians can eat less meat.

At the same time, his party says it wants to increase Norway’s self-sufficiency. It doesn’t go together.

This is not protection for hamburgers.

This is the defense of Norwegian food security. We have amazingly beautiful land, but only three percent is fertile land.

Again, only two-thirds is suitable for animal husbandry. The good thing is that cows and sheep use grass and grazing resources.

This is how the previous generations got their food at the table, and we make sure that the new generations get food like this.

MdG imagines that anti-meat in the Norwegian context is simple and sensible. They do not notice that in cold, humid and steep countries like Norway there is very little chance of producing protein rich plant crops.

Also the protein we find in meat, dairy products, fish and eggs should be of high quality, preferably.

Climate clues are something Hermstadt and I are interested in.

Of course, we will take action to reduce climate emissions from agriculture. They do a lot to keep this in agriculture as well.

There is a lot of research on this, and in agricultural settlement, important funds were put in place for further work.

The problem with MdG is that they are too lazy to believe that the problematic conditions in international industrial agriculture can be transferred to Norwegian grass-based agriculture.

They also make self-recovery a theoretical exercise. They decided to increase the level of self-sufficiency in Norway and at the same time change the diet of Norwegians from a diet that would save us from famine disasters in future crises and wars.

Massive imports

The Norwegians are among the longest living people in the world on a diet where animal husbandry was strong for purely obvious, natural reasons.

These reasons are not outdated, as we preserve Norwegian food culture and Norwegian agriculture, even if MdG tries to portray us as backward in the central party.

It is not out of date for the report of self-sufficiency and food preparation.

Everyone who works for it should think twice, but in practice they will support the diet that led to the development of much of Norwegian agriculture.

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