MDG wants to impose a temporary ban on new Facebook rules in Norway

MDG wants to impose a temporary ban on new Facebook rules in Norway

Recently, Facebook owner Meta announced that starting June 26 they will be training their AI models on users' photos and posts. The Millennium Development Goals Organization believes this is an invasion of Norwegians' privacy and therefore wants to ask the government to impose a temporary ban on the practice in Norway, she writes NRC And TV 2.

“We believe this is illegal, and the government must clarify this so that Meta cannot travel as he pleases,” says Torkel Federhuis, party secretary and spokesperson for the MDG digital policy.

It is believed that Meta should obtain users' consent before using their data for new purposes.

– When Norwegians uploaded photos or wrote to Facebook, it was to share them with their friends, not to train the AI ​​model. It's not enough to submit a form to be allowed to leave, says Wiederhuis.

– I have to get out

He says next week the MDGs will pose questions to Digitalization Minister Karianne Tong (AFP) in Parliament about the legality of Meta's actions and what she wants to do to stop it.

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In order to prevent Facebook from starting AI training, Federhos believes the authorities should impose a temporary ban before June 26.

said artificial intelligence expert Inga Strömke TV 2 on Saturday that she would now delete her Facebook profile in protest against KI's new rules. Vederhus told the channel that he is considering doing the same, as is Alfred Bjørlo from Venstre.

– I think this is very difficult. My spinal cord reflex is that I should delete the profile and get out,” Bjorlo tells the channel.

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– He hasn't heard of it

Bjorlo informed NTB that on Sunday he sent a written question to the Minister of Digitalization about the disputed rule changes.

– It is not unheard of for a company to have such a dominant position in people's daily lives as Meta, and it is increasingly adapting, says Alfred Piorlo of Venstre. Image: NTP

– Does the Minister of Digitalization think this is acceptable for a company operating in Norway that has such a dominant place in people's daily lives – and if not, the Minister will immediately take up the matter with Meta and ask them to respect the privacy of Norwegian users, asks Bjørlo.

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“It's not unheard of for a company with such a dominant position in people's daily lives as Meta to increasingly arrange to exploit the content we as users provide for commercial purposes — without most people having a real chance to stop it,” Bjorlo says.

The Conservative Party is also asking the government to participate. However, Nikolai Astrup told TV2 that he did not want a temporary ban. Instead, he asked the government to contact the European Union and European countries to form a united front against Facebook.

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