June 6, 2023


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Mecca Mystery - VG

Mecca Mystery – VG

By Yengvi Kvistad


In nearly 60 years TV interview Paul McCartney, 21, says succinctly that he can’t keep playing the same music until he’s 40, because “no one wants to hear old people play the same music.” from me to you»


This is a comment. The comment reflects the author’s position

Today he is 80 years old.

Now that John Lennon has died longer than he lived, Sir Paul alone was managing this part of the Beatles’ legacy.

Maka is still playing from me to youthe Beatles’ first peak On the official British list under attack, written on February 28, 1963 with John on a tour bus on the way to Shrewsbury.

It is still on the way. Or should we say: perpetual motion.

Like many of his peers, he started with hearing aids, and stopped dyeing his hair. approx.

Pop music’s greatest talent on Thursday ended a running US tour that filled New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium.

Next Saturday, a week into his ninth decade, he tops the poster Glastonbury – As the oldest festival artist ever.

At the moment it is too. the biggest.

Not only the biggest, the best, the most, the smartest, the happiest, the richest!

It was he who invented a new way to play the guitar, and made four strings Hofner for a melodic instrument. It is with audience records, most list tops, longest upper notes, largest group of gold and diamond plates.

The only holder in the world of one rhodium plateFurthermore – the world’s rarest mineral – Maca was awarded as early as 1979 by Guinness World Records for its total record sales.

As clear evidence of that yesterday It is the most popular song in the world, most often recorded by most artists.


Sareptas jars

no mention of Paul McCartney Soon it becomes a hill farm of bends. This is how this census can go. positive. comparison. Preference form. Sales figures and list of positions are understandable parameters.

to explain why Eleanor Rigby Is a stroke of genius, not so simple.

But this is an attempt.

It is loosely borrowed from HUGE the words, published last year as “Paul McCartney’s Closest Autobiography”. Each chapter of the double book is a commentary on the 154 texts signed on today’s Jubilee.

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Paul’s Gospel is a combination of the Sarepta urn and the map to find the Holy Grail. It shows the way, but even the author admits he can’t explain why or how the trend became what it was.

The success of the Beatles, which laid the foundation for his future career, was called “The Mystery”.

This riddle was attempted by McCartney’s Irish poet, co-author Paul MuldoonTo investigate.

He thinks one of the keys might be reading Paul’s songs like scripts and scripts. It makes sense in many ways. Many of his words are like snapshots of a moment, a mood, or an ongoing event.

Like the script

Around Eleanor Rigby It is often said that Mecca saw Headstone with this name. Muldoon thinks the whole thing is more complicated than that.

the title of the song Rather consisting of the first name of the then-famous TV star Eleanor Brun (who also starred in the movie The Beatles help) and the name of the store Rigby which puts “Action” in northern Britain. The second character, Father Mackenzie, means Scotland.

The song’s cinematic structure is further expressed in how the main characters are presented in their own lines and grouped together in the third stanza. Paul Muldoon draws parallels with Alfred Hitchcock’s storytelling style, specifically the bathing scene in sociological patient. When you also get to “rehearsal” with the movie’s dramatic music in the order of the pressing song string, each of your one or two pieces fall into place.

This is not something Mecca planned. One of his “secrets” as a songwriter – the secret of Mecca, so to speak – is precisely the intuitive ability to combine art forms, epochs, genres and expressions. without knowing how. With absolute hearing and the conglomeration of impulses accumulated in the book it happens.

To the extent one can speak of one common denominator, it is McCartney’s very distinctive penchant for melodies. Partially large color leaps that he dares to explore, without fear of emotion. It requires courage.

no bitter man

Young Paul could be inundated with a TV show about Johann Sebastian Bach and I hope trumpet piccolo In the studio the next day, then ask the modernist John Cage About the electronic bell.

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He told himself how deeply he was affected by Henrik Ibsen This is Gabler and fun avant-garde art scene.

While Sardonic John Lennon was hailed as the band’s radical force, Discuss the Vietnam War “Sweet Beetle” With Bertrand Russell and her commentary with rhythm poets Allen Ginsberg and William Burrows.

Lennon provoked his role in maintaining an image of an intellectual chasm between the two, much to the dismay of Paul. long.

Also in contact with the words He made sure to remember that he was for him Texts Ginsberg and Burroughs once cited as examples of modern poetry, and it was so for him Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix wanted to work with him when the Beatles ended.

But Paul is not a bitter man. By all means no. There is also nothing unresolved Yoko Ono, Lennon’s widow.

After McCartney resumed his touring activity in 1989, visiting Norway as his first stop, I had the honor of meeting and interviewing him for VG about a dozen times. At home and abroad.

And yes, some questions have been asked about the relationship with John and Yoko, that must be admitted, but Sir Paul never uttered a word so devious about either of them. exactly the contrary.


Both the wordsthe phenomenal get backPaul’s new film and podcast on BBC, inside songsreinforces this impression.

Then add the series nerd with music producer Rick Rubin on Live TV, where Maka sits at a mixing desk and runs through Betales songs track by track, channel by track, appearing with almost boyish glee when allowed to talk about his friends from their hometown.

Boy band played a crucial role in the emergence of rock music.

Paul McCartney co-created the largest pop cultural phenomenon of the twentieth century. He wrote some of the best songs in Western cultural canon.

Over two generations, it reversed the zeitgeist. and print it.

With love from me to you.