Mediation overnight – may still be shoplifting strike

Mediation overnight - may still be shoplifting strike

There is still a risk of a strike, but the trade and office say a mediation is underway at 5.10pm and that all employees should return to work as usual. In the event of a strike they will be notified via SMS.

On Thursday and Friday, Handel og Kontor (HK) and Virke mediated with the Ombudsman after breaking off this year’s wage settlement talks before Easter.

The deadline for reaching an agreement ended at midnight on Friday. If the parties do not agree, about 5,000 workers will go on strike from Saturday morning. 255 companies will be affected by the strike.

Business and office their information Websites That it is normal for arbitration to continue overtime. If there is a strike, employees will be notified via SMS to stay home.

Of the affected companies, 90 are run by Coop, 46 of which are run by Menia. The coupe plans to remain open, while Meni will have to close a maximum of two or three stores if no solution is found. Construction materials chains such as Bikemaker, Maxpo and Mander and bookstores Ark, Norley and Academica could also be affected by the strike.

HK’s most important requirements for the solution are higher purchasing power, extra pay for work on Sundays and evenings, and full pay during illness. Virke, for his part, believes they have gone too far, but they cannot accept the demands of breaking down the front-line content structure.

NTB contacted the information manager at HK on Friday night, who will not comment on the case until a decision is made.

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