Medicine / Health, Disease | New study: Infection offers better protection than vaccine

Medicine / Health, Disease |  New study: Infection offers better protection than vaccine

A new study shows that those who have developed coronary heart disease may be more protected against the delta type of virus than those who received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

But the researchers stress that getting infected on purpose is still a bad idea.

The study was conducted by Israeli researchers by comparing the immunity of a population using tens of thousands of journals.

Not yet published, but an advance version has been posted on Medrxiv.

The differences are enormous. According to the researchers, there is a six to thirteen times greater risk of contracting the delta variant if you were vaccinated and not previously infected than if you had COVID-19.

Israel opens for 3rd dose to anyone over 12 years old – NIPH follows closely

Israel is open for a third dose of the vaccine to anyone over the age of twelve in the fight against delta infection. The NIPH says there are no proven reasons why this is necessary.

Israel came out early on vaccination and is a country the world is watching closely for answers about the effects of vaccines. Now 20 percent have received the third dose.

The Israeli authorities point to preliminary findings that the third dose helps suppress the delta wave and prevent serious diseases.

The National Institute of Public Health said they are closely following the situation in Israel.

– In our assessment, there is still no firm evidence that the vaccine’s protection against disease is weakening so quickly that it is now necessary with a third dose in Norway, says chief medical officer Preben Avetsland at the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) to NTB.

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I recommend if necessary

He says the evidence for this has to be in the form of data from the population and that the FHI has yet to see it.

– Israel is the first in the vaccination cycle since the beginning. Avitzland says the whole world is now following their experiences closely.

The Israeli prime minister says the evidence is there.

The third dose works. There are already written results Twitter.

The Israeli Ministry of Health stated that the third dose increases protection against serious diseases to 97%, according to The Times of Israel. Researchers at Hebrew University believe they can show that the third dose prevented the spread of infection in the delta wave, he writes Ha’aretz.

Aavitsland says the FHI will recommend a third dose if they see a need for it, whether it’s this year or next, 2025 or 2030.

After Israel managed to open up society earlier this year after a quick vaccination, the delta formula created problems this summer. Infection is now also high among those who have been vaccinated, and measures such as bandages and restrictions on the number of people who can be collected have been introduced.

traverse Israel

Avitzland notes that Israel has given only 68% of the population a single dose, while 62% have been fully vaccinated. In Norway, the numbers are as high as 71 percent with at least one dose and 56 percent with full vaccinations.

– So we will get more vaccination coverage with two doses than that enjoyed by Israel, says Avitzland.

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This summer, Israel decided to offer a third dose of the coronary artery vaccine to everyone over the age of 60, and this vaccine has since been gradually expanded to include younger groups.

Israeli experts say the effectiveness of the vaccines is gradually waning, and they recommend a third dose five months after people are first vaccinated.

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