June 9, 2023


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Megan Judges: - Got it

Megan Judges: – Got it

Duchess Meghan (41) She was for many years in the storms of various criticisms after finding love with the British Prince Harry (38).

When she launched her podcast earlier this year, “Original Models”She didn’t let carnage wait for him, either.

Now comes the presenter Megyn Kelly (41) With a blow to the duchess.

– Everyone wants to know

Most of the things the Duchess does and says usually receive criticism from many sides. Now she is under fire for the way she talks about her husband in the new podcast. There she says, among other things, that he is good at helping out at home, if she refers to him as “my husband.”

Kelly, who was criticized on Tuesday’s episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” didn’t like the way the Duchess is referring to her husband.

– We’ve realized that. Congratulations, you caught the biggest “bear” and you want everyone to know about it, Kelly said during the show and writes New York Post.

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Among other things, Kelly refers to the Duchess as an “ordinary woman”, reacting to the 41-year-old’s constant reminders that she is married to a prince of the British royal family.

– It seems that there are no limits to the use of members of the royal family, to whom they owe all their fame and most of their wealth, as she says more about the couple.

This isn’t the first time that Kelly has made scathing statements about famous women. Just a short month ago she came Barbs for Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl Show in 2020.

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Kelly’s statement about the Duchess comes shortly after Meghan gave an insight into the royal couple’s daily lives together in her podcast, “models».

There, she could say, among other things, that she prepares breakfast for the whole family every morning—something she describes as the best way to start the day.

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was slaughtered

The Duchess’ podcast received a relatively lukewarm reception. Reviewer in The Times, James Marriott gave the podcast one out of five stars, among other things.

male podcast as “a parade of pettiness, absurdity, and arrogant California platitudes.”

Author Olivia Peter also made her verdict — and she wasn’t impressed, either. in does not depend on Regularly You slaughtered the first episode of the Duchess.

It’s ‘unfiltered’. It’s ‘pioneering’. It’s…the 57 most festive audio-for-yourself minutes you’ll hear all year long.”