Megan’s girlfriend in a new clip from Netflix: – She becomes a scapegoat for the Citadel

Megan's girlfriend in a new clip from Netflix: - She becomes a scapegoat for the Citadel

Netflix has released a new trailer for the ‘Harry & Meghan’ documentary. There, Duchess Meghan suggests that Buckingham Palace leaked stories about her to the press.


Lucy Fraser, Duchess Meghan’s friend, says in the clip posted on the Netflix YouTube channel:

– You became the scapegoat for the castle. They fed stories about her—true or not—to avoid publishing other, less favorable stories.

Megan herself says in the clip:

– You can see it repeating – a story about someone in the family popping up for a moment and they said, “We have to make it go away.”

And the Duchess, who said in an earlier clip that they were feeding her to wolves, suggests that it could be used by aides to the royal family to divert coverage from negative publicity about other royals.

Buckingham Palace has yet to comment on any of the allegations made in the documentary.

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The Netflix documentary series received massive interest after that Premiered last week. There Harry and Megan talked about other things All that they both sacrificed Being together, they met via Instagram — and the engagement was like a “reality show directed.”

On Wednesday, a new trailer was released for the upcoming three episodes of the “Harry and Meghan” documentary, which will be shown on Netflix on Thursday.

There Prince Harry and Meghan talk about ‘institutions’Mind manipulationMind manipulationGaslighting is loosely defined as a type of manipulation to make someone question their reality.»».

It broke viewership records: The final three episodes of ‘Harry and Meghan’ will be released on Thursday.

Megan’s lawyer, Jenny Afia, said in the final clip:

– There was a real war against Meghan and I’ve certainly seen evidence of a negative turn from the castle towards Harry and Meghan to fit other people’s agendas.

She also says that stories about Thomas Markle (Meghan’s father’s editor) in the press, and the break in their relationship, were the “last straw” for the Duchess.

No other documentary had so many hours of viewing in its first week on Netflix.

The first three episodes of the documentary were watched for more than 81 million hours after the premiere, the streaming service said in a press release on Tuesday. More than 28 million households watched all or part of the series.


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