Meiner Bergen wants to build a new cargo port

Meiner Bergen wants to build a new cargo port

There is a game going on as to who will pay for the transfer of the cargo port from the token to the Oygarden.

Øygarden Mayor, Tom Georg Indrevik (H), Finance Councilor in Bergen, Per Arne Larsen (V) in the background during this year’s public meeting in Bergen port.
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Last week, Bergen Port Ownership sent a full bill to municipalities to move the cargo port on Token out of the city center.

Now it remains to be seen who Bergen, ygarden, Alver, Bjørnafjorden, Askøy, Austrheim and Fedje will pay for what.

The Port of Bergen bill expects NOK to be $ 2.5 billion. The calculation is done by Multiconsult.

Øygarden The mayor is clear on where he thinks the bill should be sent.

– I think there is a special responsibility in the municipality of Bergen because of the agreement we made in 2016, but it frees up part of the dock. Tom George Indrewick (H) says the value of layers can be ten times greater.

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This is called the “new urban railway case.” What you need to know about the dock.

– So even if Bergen owns 50 percent of the port of Bergen, do you think they should take more than 50 percent of the cost?

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– Basically, I think it’s natural, because one frees up large areas for urban development. But now the owner municipalities need to take the conversation further. It is also possible to do this piece piece that we often do in big projects like this. Indravik says he is happy at first that we have come this far.

FinanceSpirat & Bergen, Per-Arne Larsen (V).

– No wonder Bergen pointed out

There are a number of uncertainties that could affect the final price – Multiconsult’s calculations include a security limit of NOK 800 million.

FinancePirate in Bergen, Per-Arne Larson (V), Bergen’s page no.

– It is not surprising that Bergen pointed out that action must be taken to make this happen. We benefit greatly from moving the port and getting the urban growth we want. We are already holding a meeting of owners on Friday, he says.

An answer should come to the table soon. If the ambition to start construction in 2024 is to be realized, the financial solution must be ready before the new year.

– While everyone is interested in how much this will cost anyone, there are actually things that follow as a result of many discussions, says Larson.

Alvar, the third largest owner, has no idea how they will settle the funding.

– We must first understand the case. Mayor Sarah CheckStot (SP) says we now have a political process.

Alver Bergen is the third largest owner in the port. Here is Mayor Sarah Checkingstot (SP).

Askoi Mayor Bergen will not point a finger at the number.

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– I know we get a good conversation between municipalities. My starting point is that we need to find a solution in otgotnes. We are one of the owners, says Askøy Mayor Siv Hgtun (H).

– Should Bergen, which seized the port assets, take the full bill or will Askoi get its share?

– I do not want to advance anything. We have been invited to a meeting of the owners, and this matter should be taken further from there, says Hoktun.

Askoi Mayor Shiv Hokton (H).

– Maybe it’s not going to be easy

Eystein Venneslan, the municipal director in Askøy, has already laid on his desk a passenger port south of the island. Recently, the presidency had the majority to pursue this issue.

In an SMS, he answers the following question about whether Askøy will contribute to the construction of a cargo port in Agotnas: “It will not be an easy task”.

Bjørnafjorden Mayor Train Lindbork (Labor Party) responds in an SMS that it is natural to discuss the new information with the President at a meeting on June 2. He added that he was invited to a meeting of owners on June 3 in Ekotnas.

– Do you think it is appropriate to participate as mayor?

– We must return to it, it must be a proper process, Lindborg writes to BT.


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