Melania Trump: – Rumors are spreading

Melania Trump: – Rumors are spreading


  • Melania Trump does not want to be a full-time first lady if Donald Trump wins the presidential election, according to sources close to the family.
  • She wants to spend more time in New York to protect her son Barron, who may be starting college there.
  • Donald Trump supports her election.
  • Donald Trump is front page news around the world every day regarding the upcoming US presidential election in November, where he is running as the Republican candidate.

    He attended the first presidential debate and held several campaign meetings, but his wife, Melania Trump, was conspicuous by her absence. Melania and Donald Trump have not been seen together in public since May 17.

    Trump to voters:

    Trump to Voters: 'He's Giving Up'

    – I made a deal.

    That's caused rumors to circulate, and now a source close to the Trump family is claiming that the former president and first lady must have entered into a deal if Donald Trump runs away with winning the presidential election this year, writes Page Six.

    – Melania agreed with her husband that if he wins the presidential election, she will not have to be first lady 24/7, the source tells the site.

    Last seen: This photo dates back to May 17, the date the couple were last seen together in public. Photo: Reuters/Marco Bello/NTB

    Last seen: This photo dates back to May 17, the date the couple were last seen together in public. Photo: Reuters/Marco Bello/NTB
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    One reason is said to be that their son, Barron Trump, may start at New York University in the fall.

    – She doesn't want to have a busy schedule if she returns to the White House, the source says.

    Melania will want to spend a lot of time in New York, perhaps every week, if her son starts college there.

    In a video from a golf course, former President Donald Trump lashes out at Joe Biden. Video: AP&X. Reporter: Magnus Paus
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    – Overprotection

    According to the source, one reason the former first lady wants to be in New York is to protect her son. She is said to be concerned that he might be in his first year of college in a Democratic-majority city at the same time that his father could become president.

    – Melania is an overprotective mother, says source Page Six.

    Donald Trump is said to support his wife's wishes, and is said to have said that mothers and fathers across the country will understand her choice.

    Although Melania Trump has not appeared in public with her husband, she has appeared on various occasions. Last Monday, she organized a fundraiser for her husband's election campaign at Trump Tower in New York.

    It was the first campaign event of the year at the Trump family's personal residence, and Melania's second solo appearance in support of her husband's presidential campaign, after she hosted an event at Mar-a-Lago in April, according to the site.

    We will continue the election campaign and defeat Trump.

    We will continue the election campaign and defeat Trump.


    Recently, Fox News asked Donald Trump why his wife wasn't more visible. The husband responded that she was “different” from other first ladies.

    – You know, a lot of first ladies want to go out and be everywhere. They get mad at their husbands because he doesn't introduce them. But if I don't introduce Melania, she'll be happy.

    Trump also said his wife is very family-oriented and private.

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