Melkoya on the left – demanding carbon capture on E24

Melkoya on the left – demanding carbon capture on E24

– We can’t simply say no to power from shore, because we are completely dependent on reducing emissions from Melkoya, says Liberal MP Ola Elvestuvan. He believes there is only one solution to this matter: carbon capture and storage.

CCS Solution Needed: Former Climate and Environment Minister, current Parliamentary Representative Ola Elvestune (V) is on the Energy and Environment Committee.
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Liberal Party representatives will present a proposal to the Storting on Tuesday morning to reduce emissions from Melkoya through carbon capture and storage solutions (CCS) instead of power from land.

Thus, another party has joined the discussions on Melkoya’s future.

– Carbon capture and storage is the solution. We will reduce emissions without having a negative effect on northern Norway’s power balance, says Ola Elvestun, Venstre’s man in the Energy and Environment Committee, with party members Kuri Melby, Alfred Jens Bjorlo and Ane Breivik behind the proposal.

Equinor wants to extend the life of the Melkøya gas plant in Hammerfest by electrifying the plant, but opposition is strong.

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A new, large consumer of electricity

The matter is now being considered by the Ministry of Oil and Energy, but the Red Party has asked that the matter be dealt with in the Storting first.

Elvestuven says the Liberal Party is in favor of the matter going to the Storting.

SV and the Green Party want parliamentary treatment. But the Conservative Party is against it.

– This case is of such great regional importance that it must be resolved by the Storting, says Elvestuvan.

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He now believes that Venstre’s representative proposal can be combined with both Rødt’s proposal and the FRP’s proposal to stop the electrification of Melkoya.

Equinor will pay the bill

Both SV and Bellona have proposed different solutions for carbon capture and storage on Melkøya.

But Equinor believes CCS alternatives are too expensive.

Elvestuvan reacts to it.

– More expensive than electricity from land, yes. For company, he says.

– But there should be a separate review of the costs and set against the social costs that Equinor alone has to pay.

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A lot of power is needed in Equinor North: – Vacuum cleaning in the country

He continues:

– How this changes for the counties in northern Norway should be a political assessment, because with the power from the land, it will put restrictions on other commercial development and Equinor risks raising electricity prices. It is a large project of up to 3.6 terawatt hours. Equinor will then connect most of the available power in northern Norway. But we cannot simply say no to shore power, because we are completely dependent on reducing emissions from Melkaya.

– The alternative solution is carbon capture, which is a proven technology – it is available and now storage CCS needs to be used.

Questions at the Storting on Tuesday

On Tuesday, a formal question from Rødt representative Sophie Marhach will also be processed.

He asked Oil and Energy Minister Terje Ösland (AP) if he believes the electrification of Melkoya is compatible with other industrial development in the area and if he agrees Storting should consider the matter.

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Just before Christmas Equinor presented its plan to spend NOK 13 billion to secure the long-term operation of Hammerfest LNG, which processes and freezes gas from the Snøhvit field so it can be sold on the world market.

According to the plan, the Melkøya project will reduce climate emissions by 850,000 tons a year. Norway’s annual emissions are 49 million tons, which will decrease to 23 million tons in 2030.

But Equinor’s plans are controversial. Some of the propositions surrounding this project are:

  • FRP proposes to stop electrification of Melgoya (and other oil projects)
  • Bellona proposes gas power plants with CO₂ capture and storage as an alternative
  • SV requires investigation of CO₂ capture and storage as an alternative to electrification
  • ok Clues If the government considers wind power in addition to gas power with CO₂ capture
  • Hammerfest Mayor Terje Wikstrøm (Ap) supports electrification, and wants wind power
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