June 8, 2023


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Toppen av statuen «Mora» ser klumpete ut.

– Memories of the Elephant Man – Culture & Entertainment NRK

One of them has strong women who are different in sculpture. New York has the goddess of freedom, Denmark has the little mermaid and we have the big mother.

Stein Slingstad, director of the Oslo municipality’s culture department, has high thoughts about the statue, which will be unveiled on June 4.

Stein Slingstad, director of the cultural department, was positive about the statue of “Mora” that will stand in front of the new Munch Museum.

Photo: Developed by Sebastian Ludvigsen/ABM

Before that time, the 9-meter, 18.2-ton “Mora” will be transported through the canal. From Sukkerbiten, where you now stand, to the Inger Munch pier located outside the Munch Museum.

There you will kneel towards the Oslo Fjord, surrounded by a flowery meadow with native plants.

The project took two years of additional work due to the pandemic, but now she is ready, hiding behind a tarpaulin and partially covered by scaffolding.

– I don’t think he’s cute

NRK brought art critic Lars Elton with him to take a look at the statue before its unveiling.

– I don’t think it’s cute. It is bulky and has poor details.

Lars Elton will write a new book on Oddvar Torsheim

Art critic Lars Elton, here on another sculpting examination this winter, doesn’t have much to say about the “Mora” statue.

Photo: Arne Stubhaug / NRK

The body is believed to be in poor condition and particularly reacts to the hands, feet, and head.

– The work is related to the Elephant Man, the man who actually existed and that David Lynch made a movie about.

Go to the bronze statue

Mora’s hand.

Photo: Stig Jaarvik/NRK

– When you enlarge a 15 cm model to a nine meter high statue, many disappear on the road. What is so well done looks very strange in such a huge statue.

– Wonderful

Unlike Elton, Slyngstad is satisfied.

– I think it looks great, whether it looks like a lump of clay or not.

Despite the criticism, Elton threatened that Mora could become a tourist attraction in the capital.

– Munch attracts tourists and having an international big picture like Tracey Emin outside the museum is of course an added attraction.

A big star

Britain’s Tracey Emin is considered a master at contemporary art and when the new Munch Museum opened, she had the main gallery. She is known for creating raw, intimate and realistic art. Often on the basis of own experiences.

Tracy Emins "my bed" Offered with Munchs "Marat's death" At the New Munch Museum

Presentation of his bed keeper at the Munch Museum.

Photo: Munch Museum

She and seven other artists participated in a competition organized by the city of Oslo, in which the winner will receive the honor of decorating the pier of the Inger Munch.

Emin ran off with the winner, with his idea for “Mora,” which is about Edvard Munch returning his mother who died of tuberculosis when he was five years old.

– We have hardly seen what this bronze was before in history. Elton says the general idea behind Mora trumps everything.

Mother outside the Munch Museum

Illustration showing Mora in the meadow outside the Munch Museum.

In total, the statue cost 18.6 million. The municipality of Oslo has paid out $14 million. The artist paid the rest out of his pocket.

want to discuss

– I love him! Cultural consultant, Omar Sami Gamal (SV), said it would be amazing to see it in the landscape with the great Munch Museum.

Counselor of the City of Culture, Sports and Volunteering in Oslo Omar Sami Jamal

Oslo City Council of Culture, Omar Sami Jamal (SV)

Photo: Sturlason

He points out that “Mora” will be one of the monuments in the capital that is suitable for the city.

I hope this creates a lot of discussions about aesthetics and symbolism. This is the role of art in society.

He responds to criticism that the statue is made rough, saying he likes it.

I hope people will take the time and let it grow on them. Because it will challenge. It is a very beautiful work of art.

Tracey Emin is coming to Norway to be present when the artwork is transported and unveiled next week.

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