Memory is slaughtered: – Is this a joke?

Memory is slaughtered: – Is this a joke?

– Is this a joke? I consider myself familiar with the city’s playgrounds, but I was not aware of this one. They obviously did nothing.

Stavanger patriot and rad politician, Mimir Kristjansson, was no longer impressed by the city’s own respect for Per Inge Torkelsen. When the comedian legend passes away in 2021, people want to put him on a pedestal, according to Stavanger Optenblatt.

As a result, on a playground almost half a mile outside the center of Stavanger, he writes, there is a plaque on the inside of a sports tower. NRK.

It hangs high: the monument is attached to the wall inside a climbing frame. Photo: Sophus Sæbø
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– Not enough

– The townspeople and politicians disliked this. If you want to put a monument to one of the city’s great sons, don’t put it in a playground, Kristjansson tells Talkblade.

He thinks it’s good to honor Torkelson in a place with sports and kids, and it’s in the comedian’s own spirit. However, he is highly critical of the choice of location.

– It’s almost a shame to do it this way. It’s not good enough. We need to take care of the people that Stavanger raised. Here, the municipality needs to come up with something more, soon, says the politician.

That time: Stavanger Aftenblatt after Torkelsen's death.  So far, no one has seen anything on the shelf.  Fax: Stavanger Aftenblad

That time: Stavanger Aftenblatt after Torkelsen’s death. So far, no one has seen anything on the shelf. Fax: Stavanger Aftenblad
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— a parody

Kristjansson believes the perfect statue would have been in place to honor the comedian known from The Battle of Lies. The minimum requirement in any case is that you can easily find the monument and clearly see who is being honored, says the Rødt profile.

According to Stavanger Aftenblad The plaque was placed last spring when the playground officially opened.

– Here you have to hide in a climbing frame on a playground to find the plaque. It appears to be a travesty of a monument. When Torkelson died, there was talk of honoring him with a park and other things. But when you dream of putting him on a pedestal, this ends. Kristjansson says it should always be belly.

Beset: - leaves a huge void

Beset: – leaves a huge void

– Strange and petty

Torkelsen’s long-time partner in Løgnaslaget, Steinar Lyse, reacts strongly to the memorial on the playground. He asks the question whether the comedian’s efforts for cultural life and general public are not enough for the municipality.

– To do so is strange and petty. I don’t know what they have in mind. Are they going to have a puzzle where they have to find Per Inge’s Blake? You can really ask yourself if the joke is not good enough, not good enough or not serious enough to honor Stavanger, Lies says, noting that he and Torkelsen are the first in Norway to win the NM in comedy 41 years ago.

The Stavanger comedian also criticizes the choice of where the monument is placed in the city. He himself grew up and lives in Hillewalk, where the playground with Plague is located. But according to Lies, the protagonist has nothing to do with it.

Comedian and actress Pernille Sørensen broke down in tears after the last taping of the NRK show Nytt på nytt. Correspondent: Sofie Losen/Dagbladet. Video: Howard D.-L. Knutsen/Dogbladet TV
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— In all respects, for my own part I am glad it was at Hillewack. But the place has nothing to do with Per Eng. I have also spoken to many colleagues and friends who say they would have greatly appreciated seeing the release or focus on the release. Lys says we all agree that it was a shame that it was resolved this way.

Dagbladet did not succeed in getting a comment from Stavanger Municipality about the criticism. to do Stavanger Aftenblad However, the municipality’s director of residents and community relations, Herbjørn Djeldveit, says:

– There have been two different political orders in this regard. The next meeting of the Committee on Culture, Sport and Social Dialogue, on December 13, will have a joint look at follow-up. Hopefully after this, things will be on the right track.

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