June 9, 2023


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Mental health and mental health care I know all about compulsory treatment, because I received compulsory treatment several years ago

Mental health and mental health care I know all about compulsory treatment, because I received compulsory treatment several years ago

If you have leukemia, you will be offered chemotherapy. If you have schizophrenia, they will give you a bed at the nearest psychiatrist.

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Is your body crowded with white blood cells? You get an offer from Rikshospitalet, an offer from the best doctors, an offer of the best treatments that will make it easier for you and provide you with care. If your body is clogged with bad obsessions, they will give you pills, stacks of pills, and syringes without telling you what they contain.

What are the ingredients? What do they really fill your body with?

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I am a refugeeI have traveled all the way from Mosul, Iraq, to ​​Drammen, Norway. I gathered the sunshine from Mosul to Drammen, hoping for security and understanding. In Iraq we saw people being executed, they were killed in front of our eyes because they were crazy! They just lay in bed, heard voices that weren’t there and saw things no one else had. Thus they were executed because there was no place for mental illness.

in our culture There were no mental disorders. Only men in white coats listen to your heartbeat. They heard my heartbeat several times, but did not scan the brain. My mind has eaten itself.

My story is short and harsh, but simple. My story is similar to many others, but my story is public. When I was 16, I was declared to have emotionally unstable personality disorder, borderline. I was in one of the richest and most prosperous countries in the world, a country that was declared the happiest country.

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There are about 200 countries in the worldAnd, among all these countries, Norway was the first. We were supposed to be happy here, but I wasn’t, because I struggled with our mental health. My mind has eaten itself. I did not have chemotherapy, where was my chemotherapy? My cells are sick, my brain is bleeding, and my heart is weak. The shape and shape of my heart changed due to the diagnosis.

I know all about coercion, because I was forcibly treated for several years. When I was 16, they tried to treat me with debt. My Muslim doctor told me that I should listen to the Quran, not the psychiatrist. So my relatives locked me inside in a small room while the Quran was playing in the background, and this happened every day before lunchtime. I did not understand the words, and I did not know this Arabic language well. I have listened and listened.

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I was told to fast Although it was not the holy month of Ramadan. Silent because it was better than my usual medication. Diazepam was not as powerful a drug as fasting. silence. I was told to let my forehead touch the bean blanket a lot, so I started repeating the same prayers over and over. I let my tongue move in waves and utter dogmas, because then my diagnosis would be gone.

I washed my tongue,And hand soap and shampoo, before I uttered the creed, my tongue was to be cleansed of sins. I was 16 and denied my right to self-determination for the sake of my mental health. My sin was my diagnosis.

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new government Mentally ill people will be deprived of their right to self-determination. We can’t let this happen, because we are humans and not guinea pigs. We need our chemotherapy because cancer patients are getting their treatments. We are like them, we are also sick. There are no differences between diseases. We are all sick either physically or mentally.

People have passed Emotions, love, tenderness and suffering for centuries, so do the mentally ill.

Denying ourselves the right to self-determination will not change our disease.