June 8, 2023


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Meraker Brug

Meraker Brug, Norway’s largest private property for sale – NRK Trøndelag

This Business today It is announced that the Meraker Brug will go on sale on Friday.

Covering an area of ​​1.3 million acres, it is the largest privately owned property in the country.

It makes up 90 percent of the entire Moroccan municipality, and it expands into the Stjørdal, Malvik and Steinkjer municipalities.

According to DN, the market value of Meraker Brug is over NOK 1.5 billion.

Today, 94 percent of the assets are owned by the Hans Rasmus Astrup Foundation and the Thomas Fearnley, Heddy and Nils Astrup Foundation.

The Astrup Fearnley Museum in Tjuvholmen, Oslo, holds the same ownership, and it also sells Meraker Brug to preserve operational capital and purchase more art.

According to DN, the mayor of Meråker was informed about the sale this week.

– We are considering selling Meraker Brug. Richard Arnesen, chairman of the Hans Rasmus Astrub Foundation Board, told the Associated Press that the sole purpose was to create a capital to support the museum’s operation, to constantly acquire new art and to preserve the museum forever.

The area marked in yellow shows the area of ​​Meraker Brug located in the municipality of Meråker. In addition, the company has assets in the municipalities of Stjørdal, Malvik and Steinkjer.

Graphics: Mapping Authority

Large eggs

The 23 km Stjørdalselva flows through Meraker Brug, and the property has long been a popular destination for fishing and hunting. In addition, the property includes cottage plots, ski resorts, forestry and hydropower.

Drive Epping, Chairman of Meraker Brug’s Group, commends the current owners and believes they have done everything they can to create business operations and ripple effects for the local area.

– They have been the best owners of the farm for over 100 years. Ebbing to NRK says their priority, and they like to spend capital on slightly different things, should be respected.

He hopes any new owners will continue to invest in the property.

– I hope there will be someone who is as interested in further developing the business as the owners we have so far.

– Do you think there will be more interest in buying property?

– I think so, yes.

Driveway Epping

Drive Ebbing, chairman of Meraker Bruk’s team, calls Meraker Brug a great, beautiful and diverse property.

Photo: Espen Sandmo

More partners

Many Norwegian financiers, hunting enthusiasts, fishing enthusiasts and companies should have already expressed their interest in the potential sale.

– Arne Rora tells NRK that this is a completely unique asset. He is the Managing Director of the interest group Norskog and a consultant on the sales process.

– It is large and has great values, so there is a limited group of buyers for such property, but there are already many who have shown interest. It is rare to be able to buy such forest and outlying areas. It’s like an opportunity in life.

According to Rørå, not all partners are Norwegians so far, but he does not rule out that there may be interest from abroad as well. He also did not ignore the fact that the government may be interested.

– We have seen that they have previously shown interest in large properties in Norway, so now there may be no real conversation about it in this case.

Funnsjøen, Merker

Meraker Brug is a favorite outdoor area where people come for hunting, fishing and skiing.

Photo: Steen Grossley

Rørå emphasizes that owners do not really decide if they want to sell.

– The main purpose is to fund the operation and further development of the museum, he says, which is the way to do this later.

– Therefore, they will accept all inquiries and look at what the market is valuing the property for and ultimately evaluate it.

Not least, it is important to find the right owner who is interested in further improving Meraker Brug and maintaining good cooperation with the Meråker municipality.

– This property creates many ripple effects in the municipality, so they want to find an owner who will enhance the business and good relationship with the local community.

The adjoining property was sold last year

Meraker Brug is not the only major asset recently on sale. Last year, investor Bjørn Rune Gjelsten bought Værdalsbruket on the Meraker Brug border for between NOK 800 and 900 million:

Gjelsten thus became the 58 per cent owner of the municipality of Verdal. The 900,000 decare outfield area is the same as it is now for sale at Meråker.

– They probably have a slightly larger area than us and cut down trees, while they are also involved in power generation and property development. So the price of the property may be higher than our case, says Anders Børstad, general manager of Værdalsbruket.

Børstad believes that Meraker Brug’s greatest values ​​are in the wild. But adds that there are great values ​​in land sales and building stocks.

Værdalsbruket has good cooperation with Meraker Brug and Børstad is excited about who can buy the big neighborhood property.

– This is a type of outfield property that requires a long-term thinking owner, says Børstad, who believes Gjelsten is a prime example.

Bjørn Rune Gjelsten

Anders Børstad, general manager of Værdalsbruket, with Bjørn Rune Gjelsten, the new owner of the property.

Photo: Waggard Wall / NRK

long story

The property that Moroccan Brook owns today has been in the Astrobe family since 1888.

Before that time, parts of the property actually belonged to the Danish royal family, and it has long been considered highly valued due to good salmon fishing, wildlife, limestone quarries and copper deposits.

Meraker Brug was founded in 1906.

Although Hans Rasmus is said to have loved the Stroop property, the foundation sees him as the most important thing to preserve his great interest and mission for the descendants of life; That is, art.

According to Hans Rasmus Astroupe, art collection became the work of his life, which would give him a ticket to eternity.

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