December 9, 2022


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Messi's drama is not over yet: Barcelona proposes a new contract to work overtime

Messi’s drama is not over yet: Barcelona proposes a new contract to work overtime

According to major Spanish media, extensive work is now underway behind the scenes to torpedo the agreement to prevent Messi’s exit.

Reports among others Sports World And as such.

Barcelona confirmed, Thursday, that Lionel Messi will leave the club after 21 years of loyal service.

Paris Saint-Germain held in the aquarium?

The two parties have already agreed a new contract, but La Liga’s financial demands have destroyed the prospect of the ball artist continuing his career at the club in his heart.

Then a short time passed before the big club Paris Saint-Germain was involved in the race to secure Messi’s lucrative signing.

Before Messi can sign a contract with Paris Saint-Germain, he must undergo a medical examination.

Messi has spoken in tears himself about the move, and has said frankly that it’s not something he was prepared for.

Barcelona manager called Messi’s father

Now Barcelona have sent out a final bid for Messi’s contract in a desperate bid to retain the legendary footballer.

Barcelona CEO Ferran Riverter will be a key player in the overtime negotiations. He reportedly contacted Messi’s father himself Football – Spain.

– It looks more and more like a circus

– The situation in and around Barcelona is looking more and more like a circus, he writes Brand.

According to Catalan television program La Porteria, a proposal for a new contract was sent at 02.00 on Tuesday evening to Messi’s representatives.

Mundo Deportivo claims that Messi is still not ruling out the possibility of him staying at Barcelona.

Hundreds of Paris Saint-Germain fans gathered outside the club’s stadium, Monday, hoping to catch a glimpse of star Lionel Messi.