Mesut Ozil’s ex-agent wrote crime novel ‘Deadline’

Mesut Ozil's ex-agent wrote crime novel 'Deadline'

From letter to book

At least until the publication of Arkut Sogut’s first German-Turkish literary novel “Deadline”, a crime novel specifically set on “Deadline Day”.

So far best known as the agent of former Arsenal playmaker Mesut Ozil, Erkut Sogut is particularly famous, or infamous, for two things: to negotiate the highest salary player in Premier League history, and to deal with “Erdogancat”, one of which Cause Celeber It arose when his client fraternized with the autocratic Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, culminating in Ozil’s farewell to the German national team in the form of an open letter, then the termination of his contract with Arsenal.

He now plays for the famous club Basaksehir in the Turkish capital, of which Erdogan is his most famous supporter.

The dark side

None of this comes even on “Deadline,” which is set in San Sebastian, Spain and opens with a fat worker drinking his morning coffee and preparing himself for 24 hours with frantic telephone activity.

However, what he hasn’t bothered about is that his daughter will be kidnapped and involved in a racketeering case orchestrated by a cartel of super agents with links to the Basque separatist organization ETA, which in turn has links to the Manchester United board of directors. .

There are many theories about the cause of Manchester United’s sporting problems, but in reality Eta is unlikely to be involved. In other words, “Deadline” isn’t a major novel, but an attempt to write an airport crime out of the soccer world’s VIP room – where you wash your face in “cucumber-infused micellar water” and relax in “vitamin D thick sunbeds”, heady indulging in Tomato bread and something called ‘BDSM chemsex parties’, he discusses the after-effects of cruciate ligament surgery the way private investigators review autopsy reports, and he has the annoying habit of licking his thick mustache between camels.”

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Whether the attempt was successful? “Loved this book! It really opens your eyes to the dark side of football,” reads our first reader comment on Signed by Mesut Ozil.

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