Meta is building the world’s most powerful supercomputer for artificial intelligence

Meta is building the world's most powerful supercomputer for artificial intelligence

Ten times more powerful than the machine it was so far stronger.

Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram and Metaverse, announced today that it is in the process of building what it claims is the world’s most powerful supercomputer for artificial intelligence. When the machine is finished, towards the end of 2022, it should be able to perform approximately 5 arithmetic operations, or 5 * 10 calculations per second.

The AI ​​Research SuperCluster (RSC), as the device is called, is nearly ten times more powerful than the Fugaku, considered the world’s most powerful supercomputer to date. Tesla launched its new Dojo, in August, which will be twice as powerful as Fugaku. It is also assumed that China has several machines of similar capacity. However, none of them can match Mark Zuckerberg’s new game.

595 years of HD video

Meta actually powered the machine with 6080 NVIDIA’s A100 graphics processor. This figure will be increased to 16,000 during the year, when the machine is expanded to full capacity. The storage space is 175 petabytes, which is enough to store 595 years of continuous HD video. In comparison, the capacity of the human brain is approximate. 2.5 petabytes.

Meta will use the device to further develop its own AI models, including speech recognition and image and video analysis. They hope that RSC will enable, among other things, the creation of systems for simultaneous interpretation of conversations in several different languages. This is part of the vision they have metaverse, the virtual world that Meta thinks will be the Internet of tomorrow.

Meta also hopes that RSC will be able to further the work of identifying and removing unwanted content on the company’s platforms. They designed the system with advanced security and encryption solutions, so that it can be trained on real data from Facebook and Instagram without compromising privacy. For the same reason, RSC is not connected directly to the Internet, only to the internal Meta network.

20 times faster

Already in its “miniature version” today, the RSC is 20 times faster than the current Meta supercomputers. This allows them to train AI models with billions of parameters much faster than they can today.

The result of Meta’s investments in new, more powerful machines and more advanced models of artificial intelligence will eventually be available in the Metaverse near you…

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