Meteorological Institute | – It will be very mild for this season

Meteorological Institute |  – It will be very mild for this season

Saturday temperatures soar in Trondheim and it is said to be a nice weather day with mild temperatures.

It doesn’t look too bad, says on-duty meteorologist John Osterheim at the Meteorological Institute about the weather in the coming days.

On Saturday, the temperature will range between 12 and 13 degrees.

– He will be very moderate for this season. It’s something above normal, but at the same time it’s not unusual for there to be hot periods like this, he said.

Weather has also been reported, but there may be periods of rain.

– In addition, there will be southerly winds and there may be a light storm. The meteorologist explains that there may also be a severe storm on the coast for a while.

On Sunday the weather will be wetter and cooler.

– Rain falls in addition to the south wind, and a stormy breeze can fall. Gradually, the weather gets lighter in the evening, says Osterheim.

The temperature will be between eight and ten degrees.

Continues next week with southerly winds.

Some rain will also fall from the south, but according to meteorologists, they will pass over the mountains and avoid Trondheim.

The weather in the house will be mostly cloudy and uneven with moderate temperatures over ten degrees.

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