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Are you ready to continue the bathing season? Check the water temperature here.

With sea temperatures soaring to 21 degrees on Tuesday, there’s no need to put your swimwear on the shelf.

See an overview of the bathing temperatures in Norway in the year here

– When school starts, you can get to the beach by yourself. The Meteorological Institute wrote on Twitter that August is not a stupid month for bathing, as the sea is warming all summer.

Tuesday overview appears above Shower temperatures at (Recorded by Yr and Reiseradioen) That Øgarden in Holmestrand has 21 degrees in the water.

In Hvalstrand in Asker the temperature was 19.3 degrees in the water at 09. In Sørenga in Oslo the temperature was 18.8 degrees in the water and 19 degrees in the air at 12. In Bystranda in Kristiansand the degree showed 16.5 degrees at 11.30. At the same time, the air temperature showed 20 degrees.

On Tuesday, high winds may dampen the desire to swim. During the day it is expected to blow along the coast in the south.

“This afternoon, the sunset breeze will strengthen the winds, so the northwest takes a little more around the south end,” he writes. Meteorology on Twitter.

In the north, fresh winds are also expected. It is reported that the winds will increase on Wednesday afternoon in particular and there will be a severe storm on the coast Meteorological.

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On Tuesday afternoon, meteorologists came out with a warning of heavy rain in Trondelag. Forecasts are valid from Wednesday evening to Thursday evening. Then heavy rain is expected, locally 45-65 mm in 24 hours.

See the updated danger warning at

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