Meteorological Institute | The meteorologist warns of more cold, snow and wind

Meteorological Institute |  The meteorologist warns of more cold, snow and wind

It continues to minus degrees in most parts of the country. In Agder and Telemark, snow is expected to reach 80 cm, and some can expect it to end up in storm force.

Meteorological Institute It turns from yellow to orange on Monday according to the forecast for danger in Agder and Telemark and warns of heavy snowfall from Monday night and into the night through Thursday. Snowfall between 40 and 80 centimeters is expected.

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36.6 degrees below zero

Inland Troms and Finnmark experienced the lowest temperatures in Norway on Monday night. Karasjok recorded a dip to minus 35.3 degrees, Kautokeino 36.6 and Bardufoss 29.6, figures from measuring stations in the north show.

In southern Norway, it was also a night with a double count of minus degrees in many places, also in Oslo, where Bjørnholt recorded minus 14 and Blindern recorded minus 10.

The lowest temperatures in southern Norway were not surprising in the high mountains, as in Fuldal in Inland county (694 meters above sea level) where the degree showed minus 28.4.

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Negative scores in most places

– It’s cool, with a negative temperature in most places. The exception is just off the coast, just over zero. This also applies in Agder outside western Norway and in the north, government meteorologist Julie Solsvik Fagan tells Nettavisen on Monday morning.

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In the coming days, a slight rise in temperatures is expected in the south, but it is unlikely to have a significant impact on the electricity bill:

– It looks great today, Monday, and tomorrow. Then we expect a slow rise in the south. Temperatures will rise a bit closer to the coast, so that’s on the plus side there, but it’s still mostly below temperatures throughout the week, says Vagani.

– It’s not a question of drastic changes, she adds.

Telemark and Agder: a lot of snow

The Meteorological Institute starts the week with some winter warnings. A Yellow Hazard Warning warned of snowfall in Telemark and Agder from Monday night to Tuesday night, and there was talk of 10-25cm in the central and outer areas of Agder and Telemark west of Skien. This warning was updated at 12 noon on Monday to an orange warning of danger and a forecast of 40 to 80 cm of snowfall.

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– Most snow appears to fall on the border between Agder and Telemark from Monday night to Tuesday night. It can then reach 20-40 cm per day. According to forecasts, there will be a lot of snow in the west, on Wednesday.

In Northern Norway and Central Norway, there is a warning of moderate ice on ships.

– Here offshore winds create a risk of freezing on ships, says the meteorologist.

For northern Norway, very cold and pleasant weather can still be expected in the next few days. Central Norway and western Norway can expect some wind.

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– It can be very windy in there. For Rogaland, winds are expected in a small gale, says Julie Solsvik Fagan.

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