Meteorologist warns: remember this

Meteorologist warns: remember this

Even a large proportion of the cross-country skiers who come to the ski party in Holmenkollen this weekend risk a couple of aha experiences.

For the first time since the first women’s cross-country skiing in Holmenkollen 71 years ago – in 1952, women will now run 50 km instead of 30 km. It will also be the first ever women’s five-mile race at the World Cup in cross-country skiing. It will be the first women’s 50k of the championships at the WC in Trondheim in 2025.

Volunteer work: The ski festival in Holmenkollen in 2018 was a rare drunken binge and scandal. And as usual after drunken parties, it’s those with a sense of responsibility, not necessarily those who made a mess, who have to clean up. Video: Nikolai Delibek
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since First Kollen-femmila 135 years ago – in 1888, cross-country boys would on a rare occasion run 50 kilometers on a Saturday. Sunday was the golden rule. Now the boys will go on Saturday, and the girls on Sunday.

here The entire program of the party in Holmenkollenwhich actually spans two long consecutive holidays: jumping, bobsledding, and cross-country skiing now and biathlon next weekend.

– Wear woolen clothes!

Weather and temperature at the Great Winter Folk Festival:

– It’s going to be a nice weekend. Remember to wear good, warm woolen clothes. Meteorologist Bente Wahl tells Dagbladet that those who are going to spend the night in a tent or in some other way outside, should bear this in particular.

30-50: Ebba Andersson of Sweden is the latest 30km cross-country skiing world champion in Planica on March 4. On Sunday, there will be a 50 km ski run for girls in Holmenkollen. At the next hydro course in Trondheim in 2025, there will also be a 50km race instead of the 30km one in the women’s category. Photo: Borut Zivulovic/Reuters/NTB.
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year Warning of -10°C around Holmenkollen on Saturday night. Then it gradually melts to about 0/minus 1 from 12 o’clock in the morning.

From tonight to Sunday, the forecast indicates 7 degrees Celsius. And the cold will continue all day Sunday too for large parts of the historic 50km ladies’ distance.

From 1pm until about 7pm, no warning minus 2.

Snow Sunday

Bente Wahl warns of a number of uncertainties about Kollen’s weather this weekend:

We expect clear weather three nights in a row. Then it can get a little cooler. It can be snowy on Sunday. In advance, it is difficult to say exactly where it rains in the Oslo region.

For the country as a whole, there don’t seem to be any major changes next week.

We are in a period of somewhat stability. Over the weekend and into next week, we’ll have a lot of what’s happened lately: storms along the coast, cooler temperatures and some lingering to the east and south, said duty meteorologist Dina Stabile of the Meteorological Institute NTB.

Stop: A person got stuck in a zipline in Kollensvevet, and a video Dagbladet was sent shows. Video: Dagbladet tips
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Cold records in March

After relatively mild days in February, the spring month of March has a cool start.

On Tuesday night, it was minus 33.6 degrees in Sandhaug in Hardangervidda.

It’s 1 degree cooler than the previous record, when minus 32.2 degrees was measured on March 8, 2017.

In Holt in Tromsø, they measured -12.8 degrees on Wednesday night, one degree colder than the previous record there, set on March 5, 2019.

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