MH17: Major operations for the downed plane begin in Amsterdam

Almost seven years later Fall of passenger plane MH17 The main proceedings against the four convicted criminals in the Netherlands will open in eastern Ukraine on Monday morning. First, the court said the case would be heard in a well-guarded court building at Amsterdam Airport. There will be hearings against the defendants from Tuesday to Thursday – three Russians and one Ukrainian.

According to the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office, The Boeing 777 The Malaysia Airlines On July 17, 2014, pro-Russian rebels fired a Russian anti-aircraft missile at eastern Ukraine. All 298 people on board were killed, including 196 Dutch and 38 Australians. The victims included four Germans. Came from the plane Amsterdam To the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur Was on the way.

The test takes place without suspects

None of the defendants will appear at the trial. Only Russian Oleg Bulatov played a key role in the secret service of the self-proclaimed republic. Donetsk Is said to have been played, and may be represented by lawyers in court. He knew he was not responsible.

The Dutch judges examined it for the first time in late May Decay. The wreckage of the plane was assembled at the Dutch military airport at Giles-Regene.

The Netherlands And Australia Was Russia Russia’s anti-aircraft force in Kursk has blamed the fall of the engine and the death of 298 civilians after a panel of experts concluded in 2018 that the engine had been shot down by a Russian missile.

Russia has denied any involvement in the case and withdrew from the talks last October. The Russian government found out about it Announcement of the Netherlands Anger, front crash European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) would like to bring. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte He called the Russian decision at the time “particularly painful” for the plight of the victims.

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Relatives of the victims set up 298 empty chairs in front of the Russian embassy in The Hague on Sunday – one for every person who died. Warheatswinding MH17 (MH17 discovered the truth) accused Russia of covering up its involvement in the fall of MH17.

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