Mia Gundersen, Girlfriend | This is why Mia Gundersen doesn’t live with her boyfriend: – I don’t have a bad time

Mia Gundersen, Girlfriend |  This is why Mia Gundersen doesn’t live with her boyfriend: – I don’t have a bad time

In December last year, singer and actress Mia Gundersen (61) changed her marital status on Facebook to “in a relationship,” and in an SMS message to VG She confirmed that she had a boyfriend.

Soon after, the weekly can See and hear She reveals that Gundersen’s new boyfriend was fifteen years younger than Aleksandr (age 46).

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Since then, Gundersen has accompanied his girlfriend on many red carpets, and on National Day the two arrived together at the Grand Hotel’s big celebrity party. Love is blossoming, the 61-year-old told Nettavisen, and she can also reveal how she met the 46-year-old.

– We met at the usual place, on Tinder, says Gundersen and laughs, adding that things are going well with them.

There are no cohabitation plans

Gundersen estimates that she and her boyfriend, who is 15 years her junior, have been together for about seven months, but they are in no rush to take their relationship to the next step and move in together.

– I’ll take it as it comes, says the 61-year-old.

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There’s something wonderful about growing up, because then you don’t have a bad time. You shouldn’t start a family or anything like that. She says we have no plans to become cohabitants.

Moreover, Gundersen adds that she has many requirements for a partner, and she proudly says that her boyfriend meets all the requirements.

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– The most important thing is that it should be pleasant. She says if he’s not cute, then he’s all over the place.

– And Gundersen confirms that my friend is very kind.

under strict regime

As mentioned, Gundersen and his girlfriend arrived at the Grand Hotel together on May 17, plus the fact that Gundersen brought his two sons and daughter-in-law to the National Day celebration.

However, the ceremony was somewhat of a challenge for Gundersen, who is currently filming “16 Weeks of Hell.”

– It’s not so easy on this day, so to speak, I laughed.

– There are many temptations. It’s tough, added the 61-year-old.

In “16 Weeks from Hell”, celebrity contestants must follow a rigorous training and strict diet regimen for 112 days, aiming for a healthier mind and healthier body. Gundersen previously told Nettavisen that she’s looking forward to getting started with both lifestyle changes and training.

– I thought for a long time that “now you have to start.” I was a supportive member of the fitness center, my yoga mats were left in the living room, and I didn’t touch my weights once, I told Nettavisen when the engagement became known in mid-April.

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