Michael Mosley was found dead at sea

Michael Mosley was found dead at sea

Several Greek media outlets wrote on Sunday morning that a person was found dead at sea on the Greek holiday island of Symi. Local authorities indicate that the British broadcaster is missing.

Since Wednesday, doctor and BBC presenter Michael Mosley (67 years old) has disappeared on the island of Symi in Greece.

Several Greek media outlets reported on Sunday morning that a person had been found dead at sea. According to Reuters, the deputy mayor of the island confirmed that the British broadcaster had been found.

According to the Greek newspaper Rodiaki, the body was discovered through the lens of a journalist from the television crew who captured footage from the area.

“the abyss”

According to the British Telegraph Should search crews on Sunday focus, among other things, on the underground tunnel system, which among locals has the grim nickname “The Abyss.”

A local man the newspaper spoke to described the place as “an endless network of tunnels that can extend for several kilometres.”

– If there is a hole and you fall, you lose your balance and drown there. The man says: There's a reason they call it “the abyss.”

Three notes

Michael Mosley left his wife at St Nicholas Beach, outside the village of Biddy, at around 1.30pm on Wednesday. Over the next half hour, he was observed three times on different CCTV cameras in Bedi. Last time at 2pm on the other side of the bay relative to the beach he left.

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All indications are that Mosley followed the solid line to the end of the harbor at Peddie. It was filmed by surveillance cameras three times, at 1:45 p.m., 1:52 p.m., and 2:00 p.m. The broken road shows where he would have taken to get to Symi easily.

The latter observation leads local authorities to believe that he had, perhaps by mistake, moved into a mountainous area described as steep, uneven and dangerous to walk in.

“Even mountain goats won't go up there,” a police source told the Daily Mail on Saturday.

In addition to the difficult terrain, there must also be a lot of snakes in this area, which made the mayor worried.

– The most dangerous period

The search for Mosley on Saturday was described as arduous due to the terrain where the Briton is believed to have moved, as well as the extreme heat. BBC They reported, among other things, that they would no longer use dogs in searches due to the heat.

– It is not easy to gather 100 people here, especially in this period, as it is the most dangerous period. Everything is completely dry and it's too dangerous for firefighters to search, says firefighter Sergios Giakoumakis. Daily Mirror.

Michael Mosley (67)
Michael Mosley (67)

He was reported missing from the holiday island of Symi in Greece

He was part of a smaller group of firefighters searching for Mosley.

Near the top of the rugged mountain range, there is nowhere to look for shade. There is also no path to follow.

In addition to professional search teams, including a helicopter, many local volunteers joined the search for the 67-year-old. Many of them used their own boats to search from the sea.

Searches have been concentrated in this area over the past two days. Photograph: Panormitis Chatzigiannakis/Reuters/NTB

-It's a small island to disappear from. It feels very strange to us. Everyone is worried and looking for him, says Mika Papakaluduka, the mayor's daughter.

Mosley is a well-known doctor and television personality, who worked for the BBC for many years. He is known as the much talked about 5:2 diet guru. He has also been a columnist for VG.

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