Michael Schumacher accident

Michael Schumacher accident

Nobody knows how Really He went with Michael Schumacher after a skiing accident in 2013, Where the Formula 1 star hit his head on a rock.

Not a single photo of the 53-year-old German has been retroactively released, and the family has shared little information. Regarding last year’s Netflix documentary about the Formula 1 legend, his wife Corina stated:

Obviously, I miss Michael every day. Not just me, but the children, the whole family and everyone around him. But Michael is there. Different, but it is there and gives us strength.

Michael Schumacher: Netflix will release a documentary on Michael Schumacher on September 15. Video: Netflix.
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– suspicious

Swedish Professor Jan Liksel is a Senior Physician with a focus on traumatic brain injury and long-term rehabilitation at Skene University Hospital, Sweden.

Schumacher’s wife Corina does not hide the fact that something has changed for the man, and the Swedish professor supports this.

Lexell does not have in-depth knowledge of Schumacher’s health, but in general he is not surprised by reports about Schumacher’s health.

The comments gave me the picture we can expect after reading about the injury when it occurs, says Lexel Aftonbladet.


– What makes me suspicious is that he might have shown himself in public if he had improved. I think he still has problems because he chose not to.

What now?

The last major development in the Schumacher saga came in 2019. The 53-year-old was then secretly taken to a hospital in Paris. French Le Parisien claimed that he is undergoing stem cell therapy.

The Italian Contro Cupertina also claimed that the German I underwent a similar operation in 2020. The treatment has been described as experimental.

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Swedish Professor Lexel believes that stem cell therapy is part of the future, but notes that until today it has not been scientifically proven that it is possible to restore brain function in humans.

Therefore, he thinks Schumacher’s rehabilitation is probably not about making progress:

It’s not generally the case that you get up all of a sudden after almost everything has stopped for ten years. This does not mean that simple progress is impossible, even after such a major injury. But it has been almost ten years since the accident happened now, I would say the condition will be stable.

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