January 27, 2023


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Michael Schumacher – The daughter is in grief

The family has kept a low profile since the former Formula 1 star ended up in a skiing accident in 2013.

In nine years, not a single photo of Michael Schumacher has appeared. But now her daughter, Gina Maria Schumacher, 25, can say she is in mourning again.

– Yesterday I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, one of the most enthusiastic and largest horses in my life, the 25-year-old German writes on Instagram.

The stallion was called Gunners Enterprise, or simply “Digger”, within the family. Participated in a number of equestrian competitions:

My heart broke that he had to leave us. But sometimes we have to make tough decisions to do the right thing for our animal friends. Gina Maria Schumacher writes, Thank you for all the wonderful moments you gave our family and for every mile we ran together.

Reasons for attention: Germany’s major newspaper Bild wrote on Monday that Michael Schumacher’s favorite horse had died.
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Germany’s Bild newspaper made the issue big on its front page on Monday:

– Shumi’s favorite horse has died, according to the title. According to the newspaper, the horse was 18 years old and won prize money of 20 million euros. This is equivalent to NOK 213 million at today’s exchange rate.

The horse was used as a breeding stallion after his active career.

– Gunners Enterprise was a very special horse for the family. Baba Shumi participated in a horse show with him in Jeffrins in Switzerland in 2012, Bild reports.

Favorite horse: Michael Schumacher loved riding the Gunners Enterprise.  photo: Instagram/Gina Maria Schumacher

Favorite horse: Michael Schumacher loved riding the Gunners Enterprise. photo: Instagram/Gina Maria Schumacher
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Much has been written about Michael Schumacher after his skiing accident in 2013. The accident occurred near Meribel in the French Alps.

The former Formula 1 star drove the so-called “off-piste” and hit a rock. Although he was wearing a helmet, he sustained a serious head injury.

It was previously reported that he was paralyzed and lost the ability to speak.

Rare interview: Few know how Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher fared after he was involved in a skiing accident in 2013. In 2018, the family published what is supposed to be one of the last interviews he gave before the accident. Video: NTB, michael-schumacher.de
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Schumacher became the world champion in Formula 1 seven times.

– Michael is in the best position he can be. He is surrounded by people who love him. As long as I’m alive, I will always visit him, family friend Jean Todt said last year.

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