June 25, 2022


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Microsoft Defender is the new security hub for all your gadgets

Microsoft Defender is the new security hub for all your gadgets

Microsoft has launched the new Defender platform for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

This is Microsoft’s new Defender for Microsoft 365

The service syncs existing antivirus software like those from Norton and McAfee across devices, while offering security services like phishing protection via deep link analysis.

The service centralizes security status management and monitoring across your computers and phones. The company has also built in a real-time notification.

Here you can download to your device.

The app provides an overview of what to look for, including other devices the family uses.

Easy-to-use web protection for you, your family, and your devices with Microsoft Defender. Now it’s available for download with your Microsoft 365 subscription,” Microsoft explains about the service, which at the time of writing includes responsible and phishing and access to its existing antivirus software under the same umbrella.

New features will come later, such as VPN:

“Expanding our security suite with Microsoft Defender for individuals is a natural and exciting progression in our journey as a security company. Going forward, we will continue to bring more protections under one control panel, including features such as identity theft protection and a secure network connection.

Vasu Jakal, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Security

This is what Defender can do.

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